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Application of laser equipment in mobile communication products

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-02

In our lives, smartphones are inseparable.

Laser equipment is an indispensable equipment for the production of mobile phones.

It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of smart phones depends to a large extent on the performance of laser equipment.

As we all know, the logo (phone surface), battery description, bar code, power cord model mark, nameplate and power supply on the router, etc. are all marked with a laser marking machine.

Use a laser cutting machine to cut the earphone film and punch holes on the phone shell.

Circuit boards, PCB boards, buttons and data cable connectors are processed by laser welding machines.

1. Laser welding machine

Laser welding machine is a necessary condition for the production of smart phones.

Specifically, processing mobile phone screws, mobile phone shells, data cable connectors, shielding shells, metal mobile phone shells, metal capacitor shells, hard disks, etc. all require precision laser welding.

Working principle

Laser welding uses high-energy laser pulses to heat a small area on the surface of the workpiece.

Due to heat conduction, the surface heat will penetrate into the interior of the workpiece.

The workpiece is then melted, forming a molten pool and welding after cooling.


Laser welding has high power density and rapid energy release, and it has higher work efficiency than traditional welding methods.

The small laser spot can achieve better bonding strength between two materials without any surface damage or deformation.

After the welding process is completed, there is no need to post-process the weld.

2. Laser marking machine

Traditionally, the logo and characters on the keyboard are sprayed with an cij printer and can be easily erased.

In contrast, the laser marking machine is a more advanced non-contact processing method with fast marking speed, high precision, clear, long-lasting and beautiful marking effect.

In addition, more types of materials can be marked with a laser marking machine.

Working principle

Controlled by a computer, the laser beam is focused on the surface of the workpiece. Through high temperature calculation, the surface material is immediately evaporated, thereby forming a mark on the surface of the workpiece.


Compared with cij printers, laser marking machines can create clearer, finer, more beautiful patterns and difficult-to-erasable patterns. character.

3. Laser cutting machine

Traditional cutting methods such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, punching, electric discharge wire cutting, and water jet cutting can no longer meet the requirements of mobile Existing production requirements for communication equipment.

Laser cutting technology has been applied to mobile phone films, housings, home buttons, receivers/mobile phone networks, sapphire glass mobile phone screens, mobile phone camera protection lenses, FPC flexible circuit boards, etc.

Working principle

The laser beam controlled by the computer is accurately irradiated on the workpiece, and the high energy will be released immediately.

Radiant materials will quickly melt, vaporize and ablate (or reach the point of ignition).

The high-speed airflow coaxial with the laser beam blows away the molten material and the workpiece will be cut.


Due to the small laser spot, high energy density, fast cutting speed, narrow cutting groove, small heat affected zone, smooth and clean cutting surface, laser cutting The machine has a good cutting effect and is suitable for the cutting of mobile communication products.

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