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Application of Laser Marking Machine Marking Technology

We all know that laser printers and cij printers are a completely different concept, and the laser printing technology used by laser printers does not require the use of ink consumables, which saves a lot of costs. Laser coding technology The application of the brand plays a very important role in brand building in the current market.  Laser marking is to produce graphic characters or specific when the printing area of u200bu200bthe laser beam is moved by controlling the switch. Its readability and printable character dot matrix printing, resolution matrix, but the choice of character is much larger in vector printing. In order for the vector laser to be more and more dominant in the dot matrix printer market, it provides the only laser vector. Laser marking technology has the following advantages: 1. Low-cost marking, no ink consumption is needed; 2. High-speed printing, which can adapt to various harsh industrial production environments; 3. A wide range of adaptable materials and printing effects Many graphics; 4. Environmental protection and pollution-free, ensuring the production environment!  With the development of society today, laser marking technology must be more and more accepted by people. If you want to know more about laser marking, please pay attention to us!

come in many forms, like expiry date printing machine and date printing machine, and they all provide efficient solution for our date coding machine needs.

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