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Bamboo - laser marking machine Laser carving machine - wood Co2 laser marking machine

Bamboo laser marking machine, laser carving machine, wood is, in fact, co2 laser marking machine. Co2 laser marking machine can be performed in many materials, carving and engraving. It mainly aimed at some non-metallic materials of laser marking, such as wood products, bamboo products, leather products, plastic products, acrylic products, glass products, paper products, plastic packaging products, ceramic products and other materials, laser engraving qr code, text, number, serial number, flow patterns, symbols, etc. Below is the introduction to co2 laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine is a high-performance laser processing equipment, all the important part of the machine adopts the world famous brand products, the whole machine function is stable and reliable, appearance is beautiful and easy, long service life, especially the planning of long time running water cooling system can guarantee system overload running in a bad environment and work. Co2 laser is a kind of wavelength to 10. 6 um gas laser. This is attributed to the infrared wavelengths. CO2 laser power, electro-optic switch power is high, is a kind of high power laser. CO2 laser with CO2 gas as working material. CO2 laser marking machine the CO2 and other auxiliary gases into discharge tube. Was found when the electrode voltage increase and the discharge tube light discharge, gas molecules can release of the laser. After release of laser energy, laser processing can be achieved. Co2 laser marking machine marking speed no consumables operation simple co2 laser marking machine can be performed in many materials.

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