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Blockbuster! New opportunities for PCB laser marking machine

Technology has changed our lives, with the emergence of intelligent products, our life more convenient, high-end intelligent products to the demand of the market at the same time, to stimulate the entire PCB market output value increase. And PCB as the 'mother of the electronic products, almost all the consumer electronics are needed, such as mobile phone, computer, tablet, screen and so on, wide application field. PCB identification processing mainly has: screen printing and laser marking. Screen printing: the traditional screen printing process is relatively complicated, rough machining, spray printing content is easy to fall off. Run after a period of time need staff change in time, to ensure the processing efficiency. Laser: the operation is simple, high precision, permanent marker. Tag can also jump, realize a yard, make PCB also has a 'identity card'. Laser technology can effectively save material, reduce the production time, save the human input, and reduce the cost. Printer manufacturers PCB laser marking machine output of the speed of light are of good quality and high reliability, strong stability. Let the PCB manufacturers in the electronic components industry has a better competitiveness. Recommend equipment

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