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Bottles with which kind of marking machine laser printer is more appropriate?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-16
Bottles with which kind of marking machine laser printer is more appropriate? Beverage bottle above need to print production date, or batch number, or anti-counterfeiting mark. The beverage bottle with which kind of marking machine laser laser laser marking machine is more appropriate? As laser code factory house, we sincerely suggest you to use our company's production of co2 laser marking machine. Because my company's co2 laser marking machine can directly is understood as a beverage bottle laser printer. Bottles hit targets of laser printer speed is quite fast, can be mass production. Dioxide are my company's laser marking machine, laser code can not only in the beverage bottle and can be conducted on the vast majority of non-metallic materials engraving. Beverage bottle laser printer small size, easy to carry, very convenient. Free access to the specific application solutions,, please contact us.
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