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Industrial Inkjet Coding and Laser Marking on Plastic (PET)


PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is the world's main packaging choice for many foods and beverages because it is hygienic, strong, lightweight, shatterproof, and retains freshness. PET is an inert material that is resistant to micro-organisms, and does not react with food products, which is why it is widely preferred for packaging foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

LEAD TECH offers a flexible and reliable solution for printing variable data, branding elements, security features, and promotional messages directly onto PET packaging materials, catering to the diverse needs of manufacturers, brand owners, and consumers alike. LEAD TECH can also customize systems to deliver effective, reliable and accurate marking and coding for all industrial applications. No matter how complicated or intricate your coding requirements are, LEAD TECH has the experience, expertise and equipment to meet and exceed your needs.

Designed for printing product information, such as expiration dates, batch numbers, barcodes, QR codes and other variable data directly onto plastic packaging materials. We provide rapid, accurate, non-contact printing and coding on plastic bottles, PET bottles, and PET containers, even if crafted in irregular shapes.
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Designed for delivering 2D codes commonly required for expiration dates, SKU numbers, and various other labels. In addition to 2D barcodes, Lead Tech CO2 laser coders can accurately and quickly code a variety of markings including, any type of barcode, graphics, and alphanumeric codes (i.e. batch codes, lot numbers, and traceability codes).
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