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Briefly describe some tips when using hand-held inkjet printers

In recent years, the contribution of handheld inkjet printers to the industry is well known. More and more people use handheld cij printers, but in the process of using them, if you don't pay attention, various problems will occur. Therefore, Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. hereby reminds you of some necessary skills in use.

First of all, to reduce the possibility of nozzle contact with air, the nozzle of the handheld printer is very small, about 6 microns. After use, oil, toner and solvent will remain in the nozzle. After the solvent evaporates, the dust in the air will contact the nozzle and the recovery tank, and the air-dried debris will cause the handheld inkjet printer to block. To solve the above problems, when the handheld inkjet printer is turned on, the nozzles will not eject ink. The nozzle sealing device is not opened until the internal ink circulation system is operating normally, so there is no problem of the first ink drop. Moreover, before closing, when the ink circulation system does not stop working, the nozzle and the recovery tank are already closed, thereby avoiding the problem of a drop of ink remaining on the nozzle.

Secondly, improvements have been made to reduce the amount of impurities entering. In the maintenance process of hand-held cij printers, most of the work is to manually clean the nozzles. The handheld inkjet printer has been working continuously for several days, or it needs to be cleaned after frequent switching on and off. There are some misunderstandings in the use of hand-held printers. Some handheld printers are marked as automatic cleaning. This does not mean that the equipment does not need to be manually cleaned at all, because the automatic cleaning function of the handheld printer only cleans the internal pipes, while manual cleaning refers to the cleaning and maintenance of the outside of the nozzle. These are two concepts. Blocked pipes and blocked nozzles will cause the handheld cij printer to not work properly. After drunk, improvements in reducing solvent volatilization and reducing costs. Many users will notice the amount of ink used when purchasing a handheld printer, but it is easy to overlook the amount of solvent.

Actually, under normal circumstances, companies use relatively less ink for handheld inkjet printers, and consume more solvents. There are many factors that affect the amount of solvent, such as the condition of the production line, the size of the printed characters, the temperature of the workshop, and the handheld cij printer

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