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Can laser printers replace inkjet printers?

Among the customers contacted by Ouma cij printer manufacturers, many customers will ask such a question during the procurement process. On the one hand, customers consider that laser cij printers do not require cij printer consumables in normal use. On the one hand, laser printers are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than inkjet printers during use. Questions such as 'Are our products suitable for laser printers?' are generally asked by our professionals. According to the customer’s product, make a coding plan that meets the product. Although the laser printing machine has a wide range of applications in practical applications, with the development of coding technology, domestic laser tube technology matures, domestic laser accessories and imported galvanometers Coordination is getting better and better. The price of laser printers can no longer slightly restrict users to purchase laser machines. The domestic laser machines are more and more compatible with the domestic self-developed system software, and they are more and more recognized by users. Oulance has to remind users that it is very important to buy a coding and marking equipment that suits their products. In practical applications, if the product packaging is a soft packaging material, and the technical industry has specialization, then if we consider using a laser printing machine, it will not be able to complete the coding requirements in practical applications. For products packaged with soft packaging materials, only the use of traditional thermal transfer printers can fully meet the needs of inkjet marking.  To sum up, laser printers cannot replace traditional cij printers in practical applications. Different products have different coding schemes. When purchasing inkjet printers, you must consider the inkjet scheme.

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