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Can the printer consumables not use the original factory?

Some cij printers on the market often clog the nozzles and print unclearly. After investigation, most of them are caused by customers not using original consumables. What are the hazards of not using the original inkjet printer consumables?

1. If the original inkjet printer consumables are not used, the ink path system will be seriously polluted. The nozzle and recovery pipe are severely clogged, resulting in frequent switching off and cleaning. Due to the uncontrollable ink viscosity, the ink droplets split. Once the ink droplet splits, there will be defects, uneven ink dots, unclear markings, and character deviations. Then the quality of the printed matter cannot reach the expected effect. Due to the reduced adhesion, the ink is easy to fall off. The shedding of ink forces us to clean the machine many times, causing unnecessary waste.

2. Not using the original cij printer consumables will lead to an increase in printer failures, which will shorten the life of the inkjet printer and reduce production efficiency. Due to the frequent occurrence, the life of the main components of the inkjet printer with pumps and filters is shortened. Once these components are damaged, they will not only affect production, but also increase maintenance costs. [Free maintenance does not include failures caused by the use of non-factory original consumables (ink, solvent, detergent). 】

3, some customers choose 'counterfeit' consumables because of their low price, but this is also the hazard of 'counterfeit' inkjet printer consumables, because the price is low, its chemical composition is unknown, and the ink quality of harmful ingredients is poor This will cause a certain amount of harm to the human body, and more serious will cause a certain degree of corrosiveness to the product. It poses a threat to the company's brand image.

What are the advantages of inkjet printer original consumables? Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. will tell us:

1. The color is pure, the component content meets the standard, and the pollution is low.

2. Fast drying without affecting production efficiency.

3. Strong anti-counterfeiting, difficult to erase, for users to ensure the clear and beautiful logo for a long time, and facilitate the continuity of information.

4. It has patented technology and saves more consumables. usually consume very little ink during use. Most of them use solvents, and most of the solvents are volatilized. On the other hand, we can observe the ink line when the ink circuit of the inkjet printing part is running. It will come into contact with the air during the whole process of coming out of the nozzle, passing through the deflection plate, and entering the recovery tank. At this time, a certain amount of volatilization is inevitable. The tightness and air fluidity are minimized as much as possible to ensure the increase of the use time.

Based on the above summary, in the face of the widespread use and low price of 'counterfeit inkCheap traps to avoid unnecessary losses. The editor hereby reminds everyone that the inkjet printer consumables must be original. Different inks have different properties and different chemical compositions. Therefore, the use of original manufacturers' consumables can make the coding more efficient and stable, and extend the service life of the printer.

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