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Can the printer ink be used after its expiration date?

In daily work, customers often encounter problems with the use of ink and solvent in the printer, for example, will the ink expire? Can it still be used after the expiration date? Can the two types of ink be used interchangeably? Wait for the question. Today we will answer these questions in a unified way. 1 Will the ink and solvent expire? The answer is yes, it will expire! Different inks usually have a shelf life of 6 to 15 months, and the solvent shelf life is usually more than 18 months. 2Can the ink solvent be used after its expiration date? Do not use inks and solvents that have exceeded their shelf life. Leadtech ink solvents are tested thousands of times during the development process, including their best shelf life, to prove the best printing treatment and stable performance of the inkjet printer. If the ink solvent exceeds its shelf life, unfavorable chemical changes will occur, such as: 'The conductivity is reduced, the ink droplets cannot fully absorb electricity, and the printing is intermittent;' resulting in the formation of insoluble impurities, blocking the ink path and nozzle of the printer ; 'The viscosity of the ink has changed, which aggravated the clogging, and the printer stopped working due to malfunction. These changes can cause reliability problems for the printer, as well as degradation of print quality. Due to the unpredictable characteristics of these changes and their potential hazards, it will affect the performance of the cij printer and accelerate the aging of the inkjet printer. Therefore, do not use inks and solvents that have exceeded their shelf life. 3Can inks of different brands be used interchangeably? No, please use Leadtech original ink solvent! Each brand's ink development and manufacturing are based on its own brand's cij printer performance, ink path and other characteristics. If inks of different brands are mixed, the probability of filter and nozzle clogging will be greatly increased due to the huge difference in the composition of the ink. It will appear that the customer's product line will not be able to produce normally, increasing the operating cost of their factory and the maintenance cost of the machine. 4How to deal with the cleaned ink solvent? It should be handed over to a professionally qualified chemical recycling company. After the printer has been running for a long time, the print head needs to be cleaned. During the cleaning process, there should be a container under the nozzle to contain the ink solvent that has been cleaned. We usually call it 'waste.' It is strictly forbidden to discard the waste liquid in the sewer or ordinary trash can, because the chemical components in the ink solvent will pollute the living environment, and some may even have an impact on health. Therefore, a professionally qualified chemical recycling company is required for waste liquid recycling and treatment. For more information, please visit Leadtech's official website: or call:

expiry date printing machine are required in the manufacture of almost every product and date coding machine cij printer is one of the most common machines.

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