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Canvas with printer: response garbage classification, canvas bags can be done? To tell you -

'Rules of Shanghai living garbage management', since officially implemented on July 1, has been more than three months. Shanghai living garbage classification effect how? On October 10, greening and city's appearance management bureau in Shanghai Shanghai living garbage classification, according to the latest report card in the third quarter of this year, residential area and unit success rate improved significantly. Among them, the residential garbage classification success rate increase quickly, the third quarter residential success rate have rise to 80% from 15% at the end of last year, residents generally participate in garbage sorting, part of the residents of the residential area and form good habits don't need to volunteer. Recently, all eyes are on Shanghai garbage classification in this matter, especially in Shanghai, the fairies are descent as the criteria for the classification of garbage. It is all for the sake of the environment more beautiful, the classification of more effective utilization of resources, is the most important job of environmental protection has always been all people's shoulders, you just haven't found. In fact fashion is the earliest care about environmental protection, fashionable environmental protection bag also become a new fashion more than once. Whether stars, hipster or white-collar workers, ordinary citizen, each group have a special liking to canvas bag. Common people because of the price of canvas bag, not only durable solid durable, not to lose face and joker! You can use it to buy some food when environmental protection bag, can also be used to make a line wear show individual character, without it the circumstance that does not hold! Small make up a brief introduction of the canvas bag. Canvas is made of natural plant, so canvas is considered to be environmentally friendly. A reusable environmental protection bag, if often use, can save about 700 plastic bags, at least equivalent to successfully reduce the nearly thousand difficult degradation of waste plastic bags, on the atmosphere, soil and other environment play a very good positive role. Compared to the past, why now more and more people like custom canvas bag? Small make up from the canvas bag give you analysis the characteristics of canvas bag custom design advantage. 1. Environmental protection, practical and fashionable considering the durability and the use of canvas bag of affordability, can meet the requirements of different groups, for young and old. At the same time also has the potential to improve the environment. 2, style fashion more flexible use of textile printer custom design variable, can be a refinement pictures, also can be taken casually figures, landscape, and so on. There is no textile printer can not custom design! 3, production costs can be properly controlled spinning cloth bag when buy usually more cost effective, because they make it easier and cheaper. Canvas bag the original cost of the ordinary is probably just a few cents, advanced 1 - 3 yuan. The cost is low, and durable. Use textile laser printing machine in the pure color on the canvas bag of custom logo, words or patterns, cost no more than 1 yuan! Quite affordable. 4. Custom process custom canvas bag that is flexible and convenient textile printer box, design implementation level photo reduction effect, the same price, higher printing quality, this is a configuration you should! Want to do your own custom? The startup? Do the transition? Choose, in the eighteenth year of good quality, trustworthy! Sales hotline: 400 8316492; 13265335569

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Laser marking is a popular technique used in various industries to create permanent, high-quality marks on a wide range of materials.
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