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Carton cardboard offline platform printing system One box one code variable two-dimensional code printing

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-29
The production process of the carton factory is complicated, but it is often faced with the embarrassment that the production line cannot meet the demand due to the receipt of carton orders with different coding requirements. There is an order that cannot be accepted, and I dare not accept it. So, how to solve this problem? Better solution: According to local conditions, online installation will install the variable code printing equipment on the existing production line, integrate with the original production environment, and match the integrated control software to meet the variable code printing needs of various carton orders. Customer basic technical requirements: project name carton cardboard off-line platform jet printing system product name three-layer, five-layer watermarked corrugated cardboard, offset printing color lamination corrugated cardboard paper feeding requirements correct automatic continuous paper feeding carton size (maximum) 2800L*1400Wmm carton size (minimum) 1100L*350Wmm stacking form, the customer provides the processing capacity independently, the minimum size cardboard ≥ 7000 sheets per hour, the product specifications meet the multi-specification, and the single-sheet printing equipment selection realizes printing (irregular variable code, with a variety of Code type) is equipped with three sets of independent nozzles for the whole line processing function to realize printing, inspection (collection), curing, rejecting, and receiving. Overview of the scheme (using the B set of design drawings) This scheme is aimed at a single carton and cardboard, through manual or mechanical means Put the product into the automatic paper separation mechanism, and use the leading edge paper feeding mechanism of the laser marking machine to send out the cardboard in the form of high-speed single sheets. After the inspection by the inspection agency, the unqualified products flow to the automatic rejection station, and the NG signal is given to reject them, so as to ensure that the qualified products enter the automatic receiving mechanism to complete the whole process. Fully automatic corrugated cardboard and carton off-line jet printing system (schematic diagram of coding platform in various ways for reference) Model: SQ-1450/1620/1800/2400/2800PM (schematic diagram of the whole line, subject to actual conditions) 1. Fish-scale manual collection Schematic diagram of the paper platform 2. Schematic diagram of the low-stack delivery platform 3. Schematic diagram of the high-stack delivery platform Our company describes the schematic diagram of the recommended linkage line for reference only! Linkage mode 1: flat die-cutting, automatic feeding, coding/quality inspection, counting and discharging, packaging, and palletizing; suitable for die-cut machine packaging boxes that are directly counted and discharged for packaging, palletizing or direct stacking after printing and coding The products delivered by stacking can save labor and improve work efficiency; 1. Diagram of the linkage of flat die-cutting 2. Diagram of the linkage of ground logistics , packaging, and palletizing; suitable for large paper before die cutting or products that need to be glued to boxes and nail boxes after die cutting, saving labor and reducing labor intensity; (the above schematic plan is for reference only) Equipment Introduction Independent unit die-driven design, you can choose any combination of function and function according to the user's product requirements. The functions that can be realized are: continuous automatic paper feeding with downward suction, side pull rail correction, cloud Lanlian variable code printing, routine defect detection on the printing surface (such as: ink dots (pits), missing printing, shallow printing, Overprinting, color difference, paste, dirty spots, holes, wrinkles, foreign objects and other typical printing defects and variable two-dimensional code identification, reading, wrong code, double code detection), non-conforming products online automatic rejection, qualified Automatic product point stacking, automatic packaging, automatic palletizing and other continuous lines. The changes of the whole machine are more diverse, the debugging is simple, and the operation is simple and convenient. Equipped with high-power motor to complete the electrical adjustment, reduce losses, reduce labor, ensure product quality, high-efficiency modular docking, etc. Is your ideal choice! Realization process 1. According to the actual situation and order coding requirements, select a more suitable installation location of the printing equipment. 2. The online platform receives the printing database and automatically assigns printing tasks. 3. Real-time synchronization of production. Center 4. The platform control center sends the printing information data to the coding equipment, and the equipment is coded according to the coding format and position requirements. 5. The visual inspection system verifies the printing information of each carton and uploads it to the control center. 6. And Comparison of historical data, if there is an error or repetition, immediately alarm feedback or emergency shutdown equipment technical parameters are suitable for paper quality for 2mm-8mm, three-layer, five-layer watermarked corrugated cardboard, offset printing and color-laminated corrugated cardboard The paper feeding method is correct and automatic and continuous The negative pressure flattening device should be considered when the paper feeder speed is 150 m/min. Paper surface cleaning requirements: no other residues (such as paper wool, paper edges, etc.) are allowed; successful case samples, drawings, box packaging and printing requirements are becoming more and more diverse, and the traditional printing of carton factories cannot meet the market demand at all, and this was born Secondary transcoding printing. However, how to take into account the original production mode and achieve cost-effective variable code printing is indeed not an easy task. How to implement maintenance? How to ensure the effect? How to balance productivity? Every problem is a headache for the carton factory. Is there an experienced Leadtech Coding company that can provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for all the above situations and solve all the problems? It just so happens that this is what the inkjet printing system is good at and has been doing all the time.
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