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Causes and solutions of common failures of laser marking machines

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-02

The laser marking machine uses different lasers to strike the laser beam on the surface of a variety of different materials. The surface material is physically or chemically changed through light energy. So as to engrave the marking equipment of permanent marks such as patterns, trademarks and texts.

Like other industrial equipment, the laser marking machine occasionally has problems. If the problem is not solved in time, it may affect the production schedule. 5 common faults of the laser marking machine And the solutions are as follows:

Fault 1. The laser intensity drops, and the mark is not clear enough

The cause of the fault and the solution: < /p>

①Check whether the laser resonator has changed; fine-tune the resonator lens to make the output spot the best;

②Due to the sound and light If the crystal is shifted or the output energy of the acousto-optic power supply is low, adjust the position of the acousto-optic crystal or increase the working current of the acousto-optic power supply;

③The laser entering the galvanometer is off-center and needs to be adjusted Laser;

④ If the current is adjusted to about 20A and the sensitivity is not strong enough, the krypton lamp is aging and needs to be replaced.

Fault 2. There is a long and three short alarms when online

Fault reasons and solutions:

①The software does not work, the motherboard is loose, please reinsert the computer when you turn on the computer;

②When the Q drive alarm light is on, check whether the 37-pin and 15-pin are there If the Q switch is loose, is there normal water flow;

③When the laser power alarm light is on, check whether the chiller is turned on and whether the lamp tube is damaged. If it is damaged, replace the lamp tube .

Fault 3. The laser marking machine does not emit light when it is working

Fault reasons and solutions:

①The light path screw of the whole machine is loose, and the screw needs to be tightened;

②Whether there is too much dust in the gun body to prevent damage to the gun endoscope , The gun endoscope must be replaced if found;

③If the chiller is turned on for a long time without turning on the laser power and lighting, it will cause freezing and no light, so you need to turn off the power system of the whole machine Restart after 1 o'clock;

④The lamp is aging or the laser power drops, and the lamp must be replaced.

Fault 4. The laser marking machine cannot reach the expected marking depth

Fault reasons and solutions:


①The laser output power is not up to the requirement, and the high-power laser needs to be replaced;

②The turn-off power of the acousto-optic switch cannot meet the requirements Request, need to replace the acousto-optic switch;

③The light path adjustment is not accurate, readjust the light path;

④The surface of the workpiece is not Adjust the suitable position on the focal plane.

Fault 5. The pattern printed by the laser marking machine is partially unclear

The cause of the fault and the solution:

①The marking surface is not parallel to the field lens, adjust the marking surface to make it parallel to the field lens;

②The field lens surface If there are stains, clean the surface of the field lens;

③The workpiece itself has stains or unevenness. Avoid unevenness when cleaning the workpiece or marking.

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