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Characteristics of large character inkjet printer

Advanced design, excellent performance, stable and reliable durability make our large character (DOD) cij printer in a leading position in the industry. Its user-friendly Chinese operation interface, Chinese character library, and patented nozzle structure are compatible with ordinary and high-end printers. Adhesive fast-drying ink, can be applied on non-permeable surfaces (metal, plastic, glass,) and permeable surfaces (paper, fabric), suitable for printing on the outer packaging boxes (bags) of all products The production date (shelf life, storage period), production shift, batch number, various Chinese and English symbols, specially designed graphic signs, anti-counterfeiting signs, etc. LJ3200 large-character cij printer features: 1. Full Chinese menu-style friendly man-machine dialogue operation interface, Chinese commonly used fonts (standard pinyin or coding query), WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) technology, large LCD screen, convenient and easy to operate 2. Patented nozzle design, fully enclosed ink circuit system, and high-precision manufacturing make it extremely durable and resistant to harsh environments. It has unparalleled advantages in the cement and chemical industries; 3. The advanced design of a host with multiple print heads can print up to 4 lines (7x5 dot matrix/line) at one time, or complete 32 dot matrix print at a time, making the logo graphics more complete; 4. The print heads can be operated and controlled simultaneously or independently. The same or different information can be selected for printing, and more print heads can be expanded according to customer requirements (optional); 5. There are 7 dot matrix print heads (single line) and 16 dots Array print head (double line) optional; 6. Advanced rotating print head to adjust the character height design, you can choose the character height from 7mm-60mm (select different print head combinations); 7. With real-time clock function, automatically adjust the printing year and month , Day, hour, minute, second; 8. It can automatically add or subtract cumulative number printing, product batches are automatically accumulated, set working shifts, automatic printing, and product shelf life (or shelf life) printing; 9. Printing is possible Various standard text (Chinese and English), graphics or customer trademarks, logos, etc., can be directly inputted on the host computer, or input through the computer (software support is required); 10. It can store 200 pieces of printing information (each up to 80 control characters), can also store 80 graphics at the same time; 11. Ink dot size adjustment function to meet different needs, more economical and ink-saving; 12. Print on any direction of the object (upper, side, bottom) The printing direction and printing position can also be set, and the reverse printing of 1800 can be carried out; 13. In the production line with uneven speed, a synchronizer can be used to achieve synchronization with the traveling speed of the printed product to ensure the printing Quality; 14. Via RS232 or RS422 interface, it can be connected with PC or PLC to realize remote control and management (software support is required); 15. Functional software can be customized according to customer requirements. For more information about cij printers, cij printers, and imported cij printers, please visit our official website:

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Leadtech Coding provides a number of date printing machine designed to handle expiry date printing machine.

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