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Characteristics of laser processing technology in machinery manufacturing industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-12

Laser processing technology refers to a processing technology for marking, cutting, welding, drilling, and surface processing of materials through the interaction between laser beams and other substances. It consists of four parts: laser, power supply and mechanical system. As an advanced processing technology, it has been applied to all walks of life, and has played a very important role in improving my country's processing and manufacturing technology, production efficiency, and product quality.

The main features of laser processing technology in machinery manufacturing

(1) The power is large and can be applied to various new Materials, as long as they absorb enough laser heat, can change the shape of the material in a short time. There is no direct contact between the laser head and the workpiece, so there is no wear problem.

(2) The machining operation is not limited by the dynamic and static state of the workpiece, even the sealed material can be processed.

(3) The whole process of laser processing of materials is controlled by electronic computer, the laser beam is more accurate, the machining is more precise, and automatic operation is realized.

(4) Laser processing is not affected by the external environment, and mechanized control can make up for the shortcomings of human operation and ensure the smooth development of processing work.

Interference factors of laser processing technology

(1) Laser irradiation time and output power will directly affect laser processing Generally speaking, the larger the laser output power, the longer the irradiation time, and the energy of the workpiece will increase accordingly. If the focus position is fixed, the laser processing hole will also increase to a certain extent. The laser energy needs to be dispersed, which is determined by the irradiation time. If the time is too short, the energy will be too dense, which will reduce the efficiency of the laser.

(2) Under the action of the focusing objective lens, the focal length and the divergence angle will have a power reaction. At this time, the spot diameter on the focal plane determines the power density of the laser. Large, the performance is deep and small.

As a new type of processing technology, laser processing technology has played an extremely important role in construction machinery manufacturing. Its high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, environmental protection, etc. The advantages are more suitable for modern processing and manufacturing, and gradually replace some traditional processing technologies, and become a trend in the development of mechanical engineering manufacturing technology. It is suitable for efficient and automated processing equipment and has become an important technical means for the economic development of enterprises. In this regard, relevant technical workers should inject new strength into the development of my country's construction machinery manufacturing industry, thereby promoting economic development.

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