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Chinese valentine's day to send? Custom gifts choose

Qixi festival is the lunar seventh day is the Chinese valentine's day, also known as the needlework, seven artful and seven elder sister born.

Began in the han dynasty, it is popular in China and the countries of Chinese character culture traditional culture festival.

Originated in the worship of nature and women wear the needlework needle, after given the gigolo knit the legend of the festival makes it a symbol of love.

Send red envelopes to send lipstick clear the shopping cart.

These really are too old!

The Chinese want to have a different?

Then on the blackboard!

To highlight!



A for young and old together happy Chinese valentine's day time shock hit!

Is optional.

A, peace buckle away nothing is more important than peace, give her/him a nice custom peace buckle.

Unrelated men and women, have nothing to do, old and young, let she/he has been in your world, peace is the best blessing.

Not only delicate and beautiful, but also implies very good.

Second, the packaging exquisite gift boxes & amp;

How couples jewelry gifts can not elegant packaging?

Both packaging and packaging should be limited.

For example, to send him/her a nice couple table, not only can customize the dial, also can be customized watch box.

More than one absolutely surprise!



Buy a 3350 uv laser printing machine, customize the Chinese valentine's day gifts, surprises.

Hard to make money?

As long as the choice, a month back, immediately make money is not a dream!



Also want to customize more?

Following, acrylic photo is illuminated, wooden box, watches, packaging, notebook, vacuum cup, bottle. Want to customize, so easy to make money.

A printed, complete immediately.

This is the digital tablet printing laser laser marking machine.
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