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Co2 laser marking add colour for photo frame

with the continuous development of society, the consumer is not just the pursuit of material satisfaction has been more and more tend to spiritual pursuits, hang out is a lot of people in daily life indispensable an activity, or some daily party, etc. People in order to commemorate the one usually choose photos, pictures is also a popular gradually. Many consumers will choose to wash out the photos in the mobile phone and into the frame, the sitting room or in the room, can give a person a kind of different state of mind. At the same time can also play the role of adornment effect, also has brought the ornament effect for the room.

all life is an art, so the choice of the frame is also more important, different types and materials related to bring the feeling and the overall effect is not the same. The most common are: solid wood frame, is a kind of using cunninghamia lanceolata and paulownia, pine material made of oak; Plastic frame is a mainly plastic raw materials production; There are some crystal photo frame, glass frame, frame ps environmental protection material, etc. Various type style of oil painting box, metal frame. Despite all these related, in most cases, it's just a framework, but still can find a few picture frame is not simple, but with some special design, text, both Chinese and English characters, such as identification, the existence of this kind of information for the frame added color, make it has more special significance.

the frame on the special design, the information such as words, characters can be done by co2 laser marking machine permanent marker. Co2 laser marking machine is a low price, the price is relatively high, a laser marking equipment, one of which is mainly used in marking on nonmetallic material, for some materials such as solid wood, plastic, ps environmental protection for the photo frame is very suitable for use, but for some metal frame can choose optical fiber laser marking machine. In the device performance of Co2 laser laser printing machine, marking effect, marking on the aspects such as speed, safe and reliable with traditional marking equipment incomparable superiority. Laser marking is using laser beam over the surface of the frame fast burning and develop a process to mark, occupied only takes a few seconds of time, not because of the high energy laser beam and frame scorch, completely does not affect the material of frame. Carved out by the identity information and picture frames can form the perfect combination.

say carbon dioxide laser laser laser marking machine can add colour for photo frame, because every customer want to engraving information is permanent, won't rub off, want to always keep the fine effect. And laser marking on the premise of don't need any consumable materials complete frame underlying demand, do the permanent tag, without destroying the premise to keep mark permanent loss of the frame itself. Also don't have to worry about leaving tags will produce pungent or is harmful gas, laser marking is a kind of marking equipment ehs zero pollution. Using co2 laser machine can not only meet the demand of mass production line, will also be able to meet customer demand for custom frame. In meet the demand of diversification and elegant marking at the same time, and can improve the efficiency of machining manufacturers.

to sum up, although co2 laser machine is not able to use on the metal frame, but for most of the non-metallic material made of photo frame is still can realize fast accurate marker. Photo frame on the special identity information added different colors for the frame itself, as well as special consumption group made the special meaning of picture frames.

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