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CO2 laser marking machine marking used in plastic products

in our daily life can find a lot of plastic goods, from ordinary bottles to the life of bath dew, shampoo, detergent, toothpaste, detergents, bleach water, eye drops, glue, plastic lunch box, plastic bucket, plastic cups, chewing gum etc. Most are made of plastic. Plastic products plays an important role for our life, relative to the other products plastic products on the production cost is low, plasticity at the same time, in our country plays an importance role in the development of national economy. Plastic products used in industry are increasing every year, the development speed is relatively fast.

plastic products is to actually according to the requirements for processing and manufacturing plastic as the main materials and application in industry and life commodity, natural or synthetic resin as the main composition and add other types of additives is given priority to, in a certain temperature and pressure conditions, has characteristic of not easy metabolic. Because of this, it can be widely used in the goods in our daily life, convenient for our life. But have a bit merchants are need to pay attention to, and that is about the laser marking machine identification code problems on plastic products.

sign industry merchants know that commodities related data and shown in itself and merchants will have inseparable relationship, any consumer goods on the outer packing must carry corresponding identification, such as product batches, expiry date, date of production, brand, logo, barcode, some serialized qr code, product code, and so on, as well as the human eye to read the specific information. All these information need to use laser marking machine for fast automatic marking. Choose the CO2 laser marking machine for plastic products.

CO2 CO2 laser marking machine mainly used in some non-metallic products used, so for some businesses only produce plastic goods do not need to use the complete functionality of marking machine. When selecting a machine we should give priority to with principle of 'good enough', rather than give priority to with greed. Some features you won't go to use, then chose is equal to waste, so for the plastic products of CO2 laser marking machine, marking machine does not need to complete functional.

merchants could have such a doubt: 'I have not production of goods is the same size, is not the same goods, the marking on the use effect is the same? 'The answer is yes, co2 laser marking machine are not goods volume size of the printed effect is different, manufacturers don't have too many concerns about this.

actually co2 laser marking machine also is not to say that can only be used on plastic products, can also in some paper packaging, leather, cloth, wood products, resin, rubber, abs, PVC, PCB, using organic glass and other non-metal material. Marking out the effect is the same, manufacturers can according to their own on the computer screen to print logo on arbitrary modification and adjustment, more easy to operate.

all in all, for the plastic consumer goods identification marking, choice of co2 laser marking machine is a better choice, from enough considering it is right in principle, the function of the use effect is the same.

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