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Co2 laser marking machine to provide clothing store logoDIY design brand of high-grade wooden hangers

hangers are essential for a lot of clothing store, the main role of hangers is used to hang clothes, it can better display. Hanger in our daily life can also meet, but for the wooden hangers is less used in our daily life, but for some clothing store is one of the common. So in order to be able to let the customer quickly remember the brand merchants, the user can design your own logo on hangers, it can reveal the brand let customers more easy to remember.

since about the hangers on the design of the logo, it must be without a mark. In now society, adopting manual sculpture has more and more rare, mostly are processed using equipment. Such as co2 laser marking machine is a good choice, why? Wooden hangers is a nonmetal material goods, and co2 laser marking machine mainly used in the code used on nonmetallic material, businesses can according to your requirements on the hangers, carving out to text, logo, etc. , in this way can a distinguish with competitors, users and more impressive to you.

you might have such a doubt: use laser marking machine on the hangers, his tag information will clear? How is it marked? Damages to the hangers? Need to use material? What kind of format to marking? For this series of problems are negligible, laser marking as a kind of meet safety environmental protection new technology and equipment, in medicine, cosmetics, hardware, food and other industries the application can be recognized, and so on the hangers on the use of the effect also is very good.

the working principle of CO2 laser marking machine, CO2 laser is a kind of gas laser, the wavelength of 10. 6 um, belong to the infrared spectrum, the CO2 laser with big power and high electro-optical conversion efficiency, bigger is the power of a laser. CO2 laser with CO2 gas as working medium, carbon dioxide and other auxiliary gases filling the discharge tube, when extensions on the electrode voltage, discharge tube of glow discharge, release laser can make gas molecules. Enlarge the laser energy will release after laser processing can be carried out on. In a nutshell is through high-energy laser beam on the surface of hangers to the burning of a mark in the form, is a kind of non-contact processing form.

Co2 Co2 laser marking machine the main using material: bamboo and wood products, paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, epoxy resin, fabric, plastic, rubber, ceramics, glass, jade, crystal and the vast majority of non-metallic materials such as man-made stone. For metal material on the marking does not recommend the use of co2 laser machine, the effect will be not ideal.

Co2 laser laser laser marking machine industry involved including clothing, leather buttons, glasses, craft gifts, electronic components, food packaging, organic glass, rubber, fabric cutting, building ceramics, PCB products, such as shell nameplate marking cutting.

'accordingly, co2 laser marking machine not only can be used in the clothing store hangers, at the same time can also be used in other places need to be trademark code used, the range is very wide, involved some of the common and uncommon can be realized by using laser marking machine. Warm prompt: laser marking marking out the style is not single, but a diverse, it can according to user requirements and change, can meet the demand of diverse user standard.

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are important in ensuring date printing machine, and the machine is utilised by everyone from expiry date printing machine to date coding machine.

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