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Coding application in the dairy industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-14
Dairy industry-the prospects and prospects of the packaged dairy industry are considerable, especially with the increasing income and the increasing development of the country/region’s urbanization process, more and more individuals tend to choose protein (including dairy products) instead of carbohydrates ( For example, calories in cereals). This factor means that the demand for dairy products is increasing, and the driving factors include increasing income in emerging markets. For example, in Asia, dairy products and cheese products are favored by more and more consumers. At the same time, in response to consumers' increasing demand for convenience, manufacturers have begun to provide newer and smaller packaging formats. For example, re-sealable stand-up pouches and four-box 100ml yogurt jars are not only suitable for small-quantity packaging, but also meet the needs of 'take and go' easy to carry, avoid food waste, and resist the increase in obesity. Another trend is the rapid improvement of the transparency of the food supply chain. Consumers want to know the information of the purchasing company, the nutritional content of the food, and the source of raw material procurement. When choosing food, consumers consider more and more comprehensive factors, not only the date of production, taste, packaging appearance, but also information about the nutritional content of the food and the source of raw materials, as well as the information of manufacturers and retailers. , And even corporate values. The company must be able to convey this holistic view to consumers and provide them with relevant information in an open and transparent manner. The choice of coding equipment-factors to consider 01Leadtech's customer research shows that in addition to ease of setup and use, the key factors for the code or marking requirements to be printed on dairy products are the accuracy and durability of the code. The printing requirements for most dairy products are relatively reasonable and simple at present, but there will always be uncertainties in the future food labeling regulations. Dairy manufacturers can choose coding equipment that is also applicable in the future, that is, printers that can be integrated into the production system at any time, so that they can quickly respond to changing trends, customer requirements or regulations without investing in new equipment. 02You need to investigate the overall cost of purchasing any new machine. The considerations include not only the initial price, but also factors such as reliability and the cost of consumables during the life of the machine. The purchase price is low, but frequent failures will outweigh the gains. As with all other purchase decisions, when choosing a coding solution that meets the needs, dairy companies must carefully evaluate all available options, taking full account of important factors such as production line speed, code content, production environment, and total purchase cost. 03As consumer preferences and new product development drive the demand for new packaging types, the ability of inkjet coding equipment to provide clear codes of different complexity at different points in the production line and on the widest range of substrates will be judged Whether it can cope with the important factors of future demand. The quality and efficiency of coding-the impact on the business Packaging can help build and maintain consumer confidence through its quality, appearance and information on the packaging. In this case, the variable information needs to be printed on the packaging of dairy products. High-quality codes are necessary, and the way they are generated and presented will have a significant impact on the business: Leadtech printer application 1. Improve brand protection/compliance. High-resolution printing for shelf life, batch numbers or traceability data; long-lasting quality The code or mark ensures that the dairy product meets all necessary regulations and customer requirements. They also complete the packaging to ensure that the code does not make the overall appearance look bad. 2. Quality and efficiency Inkjet coding equipment with stable performance and easy to set up and use helps to achieve efficient production. Incorrect codes are costly. For example, errors will result in time and product losses, the need for rework, and may even require product recalls and result in fines for retailers. There are many perishable foods and products with a short shelf life in the dairy industry. Mistakes will cause particularly serious consequences. Modern cij printers provide simple information creation and editing functions through a touch screen user interface, which usually uses picture-guided prompts and on-screen help. This helps ensure consistency and reduces the probability of errors and factory rework. 3. Reduce the possibility of downtime. If the machine is easy to integrate with the production line, this means that a lot of downtime will be reduced during the installation process. For many dairy facilities that are usually cold, icy, or humid, and humid, choosing a printer with an appropriate degree of protection (IP) can avoid malfunctions caused by solids or liquids entering the machine. The self-cleaning print head can reduce nozzle clogging, and timely and visual notification of low liquid levels facilitates arranging replenishment during planned production line shutdowns. Using cij printers with long maintenance periods and self-inspection and self-maintenance functions can help minimize planned downtime. Machines used in a washdown environment can help save time for covering or removing machines for cleaning.
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