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Coding details achieve excellent cable quality-coding live video

Cover: Title: Coding details to achieve excellent cable quality-Coding live video 01 Case background Pre-Wired Cable Company, located in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK, produces extruded cables and cable core wires. As the leader of professional cable manufacturers, Pre-Wired has invested in the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification of the British Cable Approval Agency (BASEC), which is particularly critical to achieving the BASEC standard, which also reflects the company’s production Excellent quality of products used in high-end applications and many well-known construction projects. Graham Davies, Chairman of Pre-Wired Conduit Company, said: 'The high-quality products we produce occupies a leading position in the market, so coding is particularly important to us. Leadtech printers can provide high-quality coding and high speed. Flexible performance to meet our different production requirements. 'One of the main advantages of Leadtech cij printers is high-quality coding. After installing Leadtech 8900 and 7900S (pigment ink machines), Pre-Wired is committed to ensuring the inkjet printing of its products. Able to meet high quality standards. 02 Leadtech 7900 Leadtech 7900S with opaque gray ink can make a sharp contrast between dark and light colors. After the cable is squeezed out and the water bath is cooled, the coding starts, and all the inks can print durable logos, even if they are sprayed on wet surfaces, they can maintain a consistent high quality. 03 Leadtech 8900 The touch screen interface of Leadtech 8900 can quickly set and change the printing information. The process is simple. It is very convenient for the operator to store and retrieve the printing information. This is particularly important because Leadtech 8900 is on the finished cable and cable core. The coding information of the printer needs to be changed from time to time. Leadtech 8900 can measure the speed of the production line in real time and ensure that the inkjet printer is always printing at the appropriate speed. The height of the characters printed on the cable core is 2mm, and the height of the characters printed on the finished cable is 2.8mm. In addition, the 8900 fully meets the requirements of high-speed coding of cable cores. The printing speed is up to 200m/min without affecting the printing The quality of the code. In addition, Leadtech 8900 has a printing delay feature that can periodically feed back the same message to the printer according to the length of the printed cable. This time interval is in compliance with the regulations of the British Cable Approval Bureau. The 04 End printer can work at least 7 hours a day, at least five days a week in a shift. It is very important to meet as many production line operations as possible, and the Leadtech cij printer has the unique function of alerting when the ink solvent is low or other manual operations are required, which helps to support the completion of the production plan and reduce downtime. Pre-Wired Conduit Company said that Leadtech printers have reduced maintenance costs compared to the printers they used before, and the printers can operate reliably in dusty and temperature-changing environments. Leadtech's industry-leading fully sealed print heads can work in demanding environments, and its first automatic cleaning function can thoroughly clean the ink path every time the printer is turned on and off, ensuring high-speed and clean restart. For more information, please visit Leadtech's official website: or call:

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