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Coding: What are the advantages of the Yima 1000 series continuous inkjet coding machine?

Ima 1000 series continuous inkjet printers are designed for ultra-long running time, which can ensure the customer's production line to run for a longer time. Advanced technology can realize automatic setting and automatic cleaning; reasonable design makes maintenance easier than before. These functions are combined to form a printing system with a utilization rate of 99.9% praised by customers. Let's follow the inkjet printer manufacturers to see what are the advantages of the Yima 1000 inkjet printer! 1. The advantages of printing quality are obvious 1. The advanced ink drop positioning technology of the 1000 series cij printer provides the best printing quality; 2. The advanced print head that can be automatically set, calibrated and adjusted helps to ensure the consistency of performance. And rarely requires operator intervention; 3. Dynamic CalibrationTM (dynamic calibration function) will automatically adjust according to changes in temperature and viscosity to maintain consistent print quality in the actual environment. The result of the utilization rate of 99.9% comes from a customer survey of more than 400 1000 series inkjet printers on a running production line. More than half of the customers surveyed experienced 100% utilization. The results may vary. 2. Easily carry out planned maintenance The advanced ink core design can extend the planned maintenance interval of the 1000 series inkjet printers. The ink core can be replaced by the customer. The replacement process includes all ink system filters and common wear parts. The result of the utilization rate of 99.9% comes from a customer survey of more than 400 1000 series inkjet printers on a running production line. More than half of the customers surveyed experienced 100% utilization. The results may vary. 1. There are no other filters to be replaced or quick connectors that may be damaged and need to be replaced; 2. The component is placed in the ink core, which means that only one part needs to be replaced; 3. When the ink core needs to be replaced, the machine will automatically remind Operator; 4. Innovative ink core can print high-contrast codes on dark surfaces through pigment-based inks/solvents (1710 only); 5. The industry's longest maintenance interval currently announced; 6. No mess , No waste, no errors. 3. The Smart Cartridge™ ink/solvent system eliminates ink overflow and ensures that all ink/solvent in each ink cartridge is fully used. 1. The microchip in the ink/solvent cartridge can confirm whether the correct ink/solvent is used; 2. The independent ink cartridge with needle membrane design eliminates the phenomenon of ink/solvent overflow; 3. The solvent consumption is low and reduces Operating cost; 4. The internal partition design ensures that all ink/solvents are drained from the ink cartridges and saves the cost of consumables; 5. Provides a full range of environmentally friendly inks and special solvents; 6. It can be easily and reliably operated in various environments. 4. All 1000 series inkjet printers are equipped with a highly intuitive interface, which can simplify daily operations. The 1550 and 1650 printers are equipped with a responsive 10.4-inch touch screen. The display screen will display all the operating information of the printer, and the WYSIWYG display mode allows you to always see what you are printing. 1. Real-time display of ink/solvent quantity and maintenance warnings on the screen; 2. The operating temperature range is 0-50 ˚C (32 – 122 ˚F), depending on the selected ink; 3. One-button startup and shutdown; 4. Lightweight design, which can be easily moved through the built-in handle; 5. Comprehensive service options and maintenance products to ensure smooth operation; 6. Connectivity and flexibility can meet expansion needs; 5. 1000 series cij printers Clarisoft® and Clarinet® Packaging and Coding Management (PCM) software are compatible, and can be managed by a central PC or through a user interface. 1. The PCM software ensures that the correct code is printed on the correct packaging; 2. The additional memory connected via USB can store more than 250 complex messages (depending on the model); 3. No need to use the factory air source; 4. Wide variety Connectors and expansion options; 5, 1550 and 1650 printers have a Web server connection function for remote access. 6. Internal and external maintenance of 1000 series inkjet printers has fulfilled the promise of reducing the cost of use, operation and maintenance. These inkjet printers consume less solvent, so there is less consumable expenditure and less time for ink/solvent replacement. They are specially designed for harsh operating environments and can maintain reliable performance in a variety of applications where coding speed, coding quality and flexibility are critical. 1. The sturdy stainless steel chassis and print head cover have strong adaptability in harsh production environments; 2. with IP65 protection level can be used in flushing and dusty environments; 3. Unique steam recovery system , Reduce solvent consumption and ink replacement frequency; 4. The internal pump does not need to use factory air source. Inkjet Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional technical enterprise dedicated to the development, production and sales of inkjet equipment. It provides new and old customers with: small character inkjet printers, large character inkjet printers, laser cij printers, etc. Series coding equipment. Welcome everyone to visit the official website to view:, telephone consultation hotline:.

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