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Commodity packaging fu code why needed a spurt the code machine?

Commodity packaging fu code why needed a cij printer? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse 12 0

in many industries now talking about the labeling information can think of with the help of a spurt the code machine, printing and printing equipment used to identify information there are many different types, meet the needs of the diverse industries, also solved the problem of the code assigned commodity labeling information. Logo for all walks of life are essential part of related rules and regulations that goods before consumer is need to pass a variety of detection, and identification information is one of them. Through this article to share for you what are the specific use of spurt the code machine function:

1, make products better exposure: for consumers to distinguish the goods on the best way is to commodity packaging information, including the goods brand, logo, trademarks, graphics, etc. , without the existence of this kind of information consumers don't know and can't remember what is the brand of the product. Using the spurt the cij printer, the information of the main mark on the goods, can improve the brand awareness of enterprises, also can let the product in stand out from competitors in order to let the consumer remember you.

2, prepare product track record: any products are likely to appear problem, when the product is really problem, the batch number of relevant authority only by commodity, divisions, serial number and other relevant information to trace the source of the goods. Used to spurt the code machine production date, product batch number, serial number, certificate such as main information printed on the product, increase the traceability of each goods, reduce the circulation problem products on the market, convenient administration and enterprise management of the quality problems and the management of the sales area.

3, prevent fake products, increase the consumer's trust: often fake products on the market news, brought great inconvenience to consumers, also damaged the merchant's brand image. Using spurt the code machine can spray print on commodities such as anti-counterfeiting code, bar code, random code anti-counterfeit marking information, on the one hand, legal management production manufacturer for those who have played an important role in security, on the other hand, increases the trust of consumers,

4, increase the added value of the product itself: a complete product is inseparable from the existence of identity information, for consumers often view the product information as well as a trademark of the manufacturer to the consumer is the name of a promise, and think it is a has the responsibility of the enterprise, from aeriform in increasing the added value of the goods itself.

5, solve the problem of assignment of trademarks code: the existence of the spurt the cij printer can improve a series of problems existing in the traditional identity information, has hd spray printing effect, but also improves the speed of the jet printing and reliability, reduce the cost of purchase and artificial maintenance workload, but needed to spurt the code machine consumable part of the cost of the problem is inevitable. Printing function enough used in a variety of packaging industry.

all in all, may spurt the code machine is still in use there is a small problem, but the technology is constant progress and development, the development of the spurt the cij printer is becoming more and more tend to be visual automatic control management, but also gradually to no consumables, safety and environmental protection non-toxic harmless green marking on the development, the laser marking is basically can satisfy this requirement. But need to use material to be able to spray laser marking machine still can't achieve this demand, still need to improve.

There are many issues that affect date coding machine, which has led to the need of getting specialists trained in certain areas so as to handle all issues that may arise as well as cij printer products that can solve expiry date printing machine problems.

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