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Common faults and solutions of coding machines and marking machines

The coding machine or marking machine will always have many faults during use. Leadtech Leadtech cij printer introduces the common faults and treatment methods of the marking machine as follows: 1. The coding machine or the marking machine does not work or does not work properly: Check whether the signal line and control line of the marking machine are well connected; test manually to see if there is any manual action. If there is a manual action, it should be caused by the failure of the computer, the connection line, and the socket of the related control board, otherwise it is the failure of the control box in the future. The marking head does not eject the needle or the needle is abnormal: check whether the pressure of the pressure reducing valve is normal (the normal value is 2-4 atmospheres); check whether the gas circuit is well connected, whether there is air leakage at the needle sleeve connection, and whether the trachea joint Plug it in; use a manual test to see if the steel needle vibration is working, and see if the needle valve air vibration is normal; check whether the solenoid valve frequency and duty cycle adjustment potentiometer is adjusted normally in the circuit board. 2. The depth of the coding machine or marking writing becomes shallower and the writing becomes wider: the marking needle is worn too much and should be replaced; adjust the distance between the needle and the marking workpiece; check whether the air pressure is reduced, and there is oil or water in the air. Drop. 3. The coding machine or the marking handwriting is deformed and the strokes are misplaced: Whether the copper sleeve of the lower end of the marking head cylinder and the needle is worn too much, otherwise it should be replaced; when the power is not working, hold the marking head and the cylinder head along the X direction Shake gently in the Y direction to see if there is any looseness in each direction. If there is a gap, check whether the timing belt is too loose, whether the timing belt pressing plate is loose, whether there is any looseness between the timing pulley and the motor shaft, reconnect or tighten; check Whether there are impurities on the slide bar of the two-dimensional worktable; check whether the electrical connection is loose; the marking handwriting is too thin: the pen down speed is too fast, appropriately reduce the pen down speed; the needle vibration frequency is too low. 4. The coding machine or marking system should be inactive, otherwise check later; check whether the connection plug of the manual/auto switch to the circuit board is plugged in and whether the wire is pressed well; check whether the switch is disconnected; short the two legs of the switch , To see if it is normal, if it is normal, the switch is broken; if it is not normal, replace the circuit board. 5. The last few digits of the coding machine or the marking handwriting overlap: beyond the marking range, the marking starting point of the corresponding axis should be adjusted. After pressing the marking instruction, the marking machine cannot work, and the software system reports 'Y-direction in-position error': see if the 'manual/automatic' switch is placed in the automatic state; if it is placed in the automatic state, operate the first three switches.

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