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Common faults and solutions of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-05

With the rapid development of high technology, not only the Internet has entered the optical fiber era, but also the special equipment of many enterprises has also entered the optical fiber era. Without the efficiency of optical fiber, it will not be able to face the fierce challenges from the market. Equipment and fiber laser marking machines are the way out for processing enterprises. Laser processing has opened another door for enterprises to face this rapidly changing and developing market. The era of popularization of fiber laser marking machines has arrived. The energy of the laser beam is locally irradiated on the processed object, causing it to vaporize rapidly, and a color reaction occurs through physical or chemical changes. Laser processing uses computer graphics to produce a variety of graphics and text, and fonts. , graphics and other specifications are exquisite. Laser marking can achieve permanent marking, low processing cost, and can effectively improve the quality and grade of products. Now, fiber laser marking machines are becoming more and more popular in the industry, and it has gradually replaced the traditional In the future, laser technology will become more common and will usher in the popular era of lasers, occupying an important position in the industry.

Laser Technology Co., Ltd. When there is a problem with the Yantai laser marking machine, Weifang laser marking machine, and Rizhao laser marking machine, if the problem cannot be solved in time, it will affect the delivery time of the product. Although the maintenance of the laser marking machine is more troublesome, but Its principle is relatively simple, and there are many problems that can be solved by themselves without professional and technical personnel maintenance. The following laser editor will tell you about five common faults and solutions of laser marking machines: 1. Laser marking machine The logo pattern is not clear locally: 1. Solution: Check whether the thickness of the molded plate is uniform, whether the molding pressure is too small, whether the temperature is too low, whether the machine accuracy is reduced, and whether the marked surface is flat. 2. Key points of process control: The thickness error of the embossing plate should be controlled within 0.001mm, and the hardness should be kept at 230-280N/mm. Because the hologram is molded by applying a certain pressure to the embossing roller, the interference fringes are molded. If the hardness is not enough, the internal stress will deform or damage the stamping plate during the embossing process. 2. The marking pattern of the laser marking machine is dull and dull: 1. Solution: Check whether the heating temperature is too low and the molding pressure drops. Too little power and too fast speed can easily cause this phenomenon. 2. Key points of process control: The setting of the molding pressure should comprehensively consider the molding temperature, the type of holographic material or the softening point of the coating layer. If the pressure is too high, the moulded plate will be easily damaged or the holographic material will be crushed; if the pressure is too low, the moulded image will be unclear and incomplete; for the round pressing method, the initial pressure of the pressure rollers on both sides is generally about 0.08MPa; Increase the pressure of the pressure roller evenly to 030~0.50MPa. The molding speed can be comprehensively adjusted according to the imprinting quality and machine performance. 3. The logo pattern of the laser marking machine is white: Solution: Check whether the molding speed is too slow and the molding temperature is too high. 4. The labeling film of the laser marking machine sticks to the plate: 1. Reason: the hot pressing temperature is higher than the degradation temperature, and the viscosity of the coating increases, which will cause the plate to stick and make the film wrap around the holographic embossing roller. 2. Solution: reduce the hot pressing temperature. 5. One part of the marking pattern of the marking machine is clear, and the other part is fuzzy: the cause: the temperature distribution of the hot pressing device is not uniform or the molding plate is not flat.

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