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Common problem sharing: to spurt the code machine ink to gm?

Common problem sharing: to spurt the code machine ink to gm? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse 18 0

recently, some customers ask small make up such a question: 'what I buy different types and brands of ink to gm? ', 'why does my shower place suddenly stopped? Clearly using normal! 'When I ask whether these customers for ink to spurt the code machine parts have been using the original ink, and did not use other types, the small number of customers' guilty '. What we all know that the original is the best, if not original so also need to use the same, the sudden change is need a process of adaptation, can appear otherwise problem. In order to be able to understand why cannot mix with more customers, let below small make up to make a brief analysis:

the first spurt the cij printer design is not just design, if it is literally designed so anyone can design, still need stylist to why? So for different types of laser marking machine on the design will have certain differences exist, and even more so to the requirement of the ink, which led to the diversity of the ink. And different manufacturer production in such aspects as indicators of ink is also have certain differences, some needed to spurt the code machine ink viscosity is relatively large, but some is relatively small, if mixed with appear the error of the spray printing effect not only, also can cause harm to spurt the code machine.

second, used to spurt the code machine ink composition is mainly used: paint, resin, conductive agent, antioxidant, solvents and other chemical composition, each of the different types of ink in the formula to add material is need to add in accordance with the requirements, the ratio between each other is extremely accurate, if there is an error, then can affect a target. So the customer when buying spurt the code machine ink is also must choose high quality ink, and corresponding model is suitable for use of ink, during use cannot be used for different types of ink mixing.

in the end, the need to remind you all need to clean up after using ink, so as not to affect a target. No matter what type of ink, it is to belong to a kind of quick evaporation material, when it becomes solid when it easy to nozzle clogging, so should be in after each use and timely cleaning, ensure that the next time can normal use.

all in all, customers in the use of cij printer must 'like ink mixed with different types of brand' of the bad habits, in order to be able to reduce machine failure problem, at the same time also to be able to let spurt the code machine spray print out good printing effect. Remember to spurt the code machine ink cannot be universal. ! !

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