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Common problem: why couldn't laser marking a dozen words?

laser marking machine is a new type of laser marking equipment, is in recent years began to popular a kind of marking equipment, at present can be used in many industries, has also been a lot of old and new customers recognized. Market face common laser marking machine is mainly divided into: ultraviolet laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, The co2 laser marking machine) , 3 d laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, yag laser marking machine, such as different types. But these different types of laser marking machine if not professional operators, when problems arise, it is difficult to know that this is the equipment that went wrong, do it today with laser marking machine, why can't the words to analyze the reason and solution:

know about laser machine has slightly businessmen know that it is a maintenance free marking equipment, but of course the word out about a dozen don't what is the reason? That don't require consumables equipment must not play because of the materials used up, but because of software parameter types in the right setting error, optical path, power without a good or is damaged, good control signal line was cut off and not plugged in, the control card is broken, the laser is broken and other factors. When we know that because of what causes, then the solution is simple.

1, for software parameter type for the wrong reasons, we can look at what you buy is to belong to that type of equipment, if co2 is then set to co2, optical fiber is set to optical fiber, and so on.

2, for the cause of the light path is wrong, the correct direct light path adjustment.

3, in view of the power supply plug or is damaged reasons: to plug the power supply, and check whether the power supply is able to use other equipment normal operation, if not you need to make relevant professionals to do the maintenance.

4, for the cause of the control signal is cut off, reconnect the cutoff point.

plug in no 5, and for good reason: to put good and fixed screw, prevent loose again.

6, for the reasons of laser damage: replace good laser.

that is the small make up to bring you about laser marking machine type out words appear the reasons and solutions, if not appear several reasons for the above said, so you can choose to consulting to our clients, we will ask our technical staff to help you solve this problem. Needing those who remind everybody is, any device needs to have the correct operating mode, such ability can let the machine normal use, and whether the enterprise or individual users at the time of laser marking machine operation should first think of professional technical staff to study, so as to better operation.

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