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Common problems and solutions of handheld inkjet printers

The application of cij printers is becoming more and more extensive. In industrial production and daily life applications, whether it is an online cij printer or a handheld cij printer, there will be problems in daily use. Hand-held cij industrial inkjet printer manufacturers will introduce the common problems and solutions of handheld cij printers. 1. When the handwriting is blurred or the needle is missing (horizontal intermittent streaks), we need to handle it carefully, especially when there are impurities on the surface of the nozzle, be sure to wipe it gently with a facial tissue. 1. Check whether there is any sundries on the surface of the nozzle. If there is, please wipe it gently with facial tissues. 2. Shake the ink cartridge. (Please use facial tissue to wipe the ink). 3. Dry the nozzle, drip a little cleaning liquid to the front of the nozzle, and repeat the above step 2 after 5 minutes. 4. If the above operation fails, replace the ink cartridge.

2. Hand-held cij printers sometimes cannot print characters. 1. Check whether the encoder climbing ring is loose or falling off. Solution: re-hang up the climbing circle. 2. Please check if the ink cartridge has ink. Solution: Replace the ink cartridge with a new one. 3. Confirm whether there is data. Reload the data. 4. Re-plug the ink cartridge.

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