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Condiment industry and inkjet printer complement each other to improve production efficiency

As people's requirements for high-quality and high-quality production are getting higher and higher, the condiment industry is developing rapidly. The development of condiments is diversified, and the packaging materials of condiments are also diverse. Because the condiment packaging material is special, what method should be used to mark the condiment packaging? That is of course the cij printer, because the inkjet printer is capable of inkjet marking for any material. Nowadays, some companies still use silk-screen printing for the packaging and marking of condiments. The effect is good, but the production efficiency is not high enough, and it is also very labor-intensive. The cij printer solves the problem of insufficient production efficiency and saves money. Manpower. The cij printer uses non-contact inkjet printing for the packaging of condiments, and it is produced on an assembly line with few manual operations. In the era of automation and intelligence in the 21st century, many condiment companies have installed cij printers on their production lines, which not only improves efficiency, but also greatly reduces costs. Nowadays, inkjet printers have become the preferred equipment for marking the outer packaging of condiments. The condiment packaging inkjet printer can print one-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional barcode, production date, expiration date, database, time, batch number, date, two-dimensional on a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, paper, glass, etc. Code and serial number, etc., use environmentally friendly ink, which meets food requirements, and edible ink.

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