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Date of laser marking machine using the analysis in the food cosmetic medicine and other industries

date based on the analysis of laser marking machine in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, beverage and other industries the application of analysis before, small make up take you first under the simple understanding of the role of commodity production date is? According to the baidu encyclopedia, according to a production date is refers to the goods in complete all process on production line, and after the inspection and packaging market sales date/time. The existence of the date of production is relatively important to consumers of a kind of existence, the production date and shelf life determines the consumers will not buy, this is why most of the goods on the market one of the reasons has production date.

so the existence of the industry need production date? For example the food industry, food industry, beverage industry, cosmetics industry, daily chemical industry, medicine industry, etc. , when consumer is buying the goods will choose to see their production date and shelf life of long. Even some of the equipment, accessories, mobile phone has the existence of the production date, date of production can not only convenient to consumers got a general idea of the commodities, but also convenient for enterprises do adjustment, the assistant to the sales of goods, avoid to cause expiration and disastrous circumstances. Then date the laser marking machine can provide what kind of service for the industry?

date of so-called laser marking machine is essentially a different nickname of laser marking equipment, it according to the different business needs, and fighting for a production date mark goods material is different, is roughly divided into: date of date of co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, date of ultraviolet laser marking machine, etc. Date of these different types of laser marking machine is through the principle of the high-energy laser beam on the surface chemical reaction and mark the date of production of a process. Date of laser marking machine in the food industry, beverage industry, cosmetics industry, the application of the pharmaceutical industry has been more and more skilled, not only can solve the problem of the industry production date hit mark, also solved the production batch number, certificate, logo, design, logo, and other identifying information marking problem.

use date printed by laser marking machine's identity information can more convenient user traces the commodity production process, but also convenient for relevant enterprises control the consumption of goods lower knockoffs. But if using traditional ink jet printing or thermal transfer printing way under the traditional forms such as, will give a 'dirty' businessman more opportunities. Ink jet printing forms we can through the detergent for cleaning off, in other words this information we can to change, can't do very good anti-counterfeit effect. Date as it is only need to use laser marking machine, because the date of the laser marking machine is a kind of zero consumables marking form, print the tag information cannot be altered for cleaner, more can't, only can destroy the goods itself, but to do so for those '' dirty' businessman 'it is not cost-effective, and effectively reduce the counterfeit goods in the event of a.

all in all, the date of the laser marking machine is able to carry a lot of information, is to help the food industry, beverage industry, daily chemical industry, cosmetics industry, medicine and other industries to achieve basic product information back, at the same time also means that each item in the production process to be able to have their own production date, and is permanent production date, merchants are not able to because production date is out of date will change to cheat customer, better protect the rights of consumers. With high efficiency, high degree of automation, realize a yard, precise marking effect.

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date printing machine cij printer are used largely for expiry date printing machine such as date coding machine.

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