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Decorate your home - — What is relief crystal draw? - - - - - -

Home is a warm nest, is his own sheltered harbor. In order to the nest, we do too much too much. Domestic outfit style exquisite taste, especially popular decorative relief crystal draw now, not only can undertake personalization, you can also by intense relief visual effects, very practical and grade! Show individual character style, in order to decorate life more distinctive. Anaglyph crystal hotel is the wall paper industry tooling home outfit, homes, villas, home decoration, office decoration, hotel, hotel, club, KTV, conference and exhibition, theatres, decoration company can use the adornment of the supplies. There are also a lot of choices, such as painting, silk cloth, non-woven fabrics and so on. Can be personalized customization. Some people wonder? This is a kind of what technology? How what all can be customized? Actually the adornment of personalization, usually use UV printer, this is a very efficient printing machine, suitable for most materials. UV laser printing machine can customize the ordinary design not only, still can customize special effect such as relief, light oil, application is very extensive. Do you also feel very magical? So how these products are custom out ah? 1. Choose to print the image, and then use Photoshop or PS, and other graphics software set the size of the printed image, etc. 2. Pretreatment need to print the material of crystal hangs a picture, evenly daub coating, in order to enhance the color fastness to print design. 3. Put the crystal hang a picture on the UV laser printing machine, and then start the printer for printing. Is playing is dry, with various size of the machine is suitable for different ceramic tile, hang a picture, and other products, customized! Relief crystal draw personalization, meet the different needs of you!

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