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Development status and application of marking machine processing

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-06

Since the birth of laser to today, it has had a great impact on people's life style. Nowadays, laser is widely used in marking electronic components, handicraft laser marking, non-metallic materials, etc. Another great innovation after the emergence of laser cutting, laser drilling, laser welding and other technical applications, it is a new breakthrough in processing technology, a new type of non-contact processing, no chemical pollution, no wear The new type of marking processing technology mode. In recent years, with the wider application of laser technology, it has been effectively combined with computer science technology, thus breaking through another milestone in the development of laser marking processing.

First, the difference between laser marking processing technology and traditional marking technology

The current laser marking processing technology and traditional The marking process has made a huge breakthrough, and it has incomparable advantages with the traditional:

1. The range of processing materials is more and wider, and it can be used for a variety of non-metallic properties. Marking with metallic materials is especially suitable for brittle materials, high melting point materials, high hardness materials, etc. Traditional marking machines can only process certain non-metallic materials.

2. The laser marking processing technology is different from the old marking machines in the past. It must contact the surface of the processed object to carry out processing and marking. After the integration of laser technology and the Innovation, laser marking only requires the laser to irradiate the surface of the processed object with concentrated high energy to complete the marking. This non-direct contact processing not only does not damage the surface of the workpiece, but also has no cutting force. The quality of the patterns, symbols, text, etc. is very high.

3. The laser beam gathered by the high energy density of the laser is very thin, so that the influence range of the processed object is very small, which is beneficial to reduce the loss of raw materials.

4. Effectively combine with modern automation and computer systems to achieve the purpose of rapid processing.

5. It can engrave and mark various shapes, numbers, patterns, characters, etc.

6. It is used for anti-counterfeiting labeling of clothing industry, light industry, hardware products, etc.

Second, the development status of laser marking processing

The development of laser marking processing in China has experienced a long time. In the development history, the core system of laser marking equipment is the marking control system. This control system has also gone through several stages. At the beginning, it was the era of large format, then the era of rotating mirrors, and now it is the era of galvanometers. These different eras have pushed the current development mode of laser marking. The emergence and rapid development of semiconductor laser marking machines, ultraviolet laser marking machines, and fiber laser marking machines have brought new challenges to today's laser marking. Now most of the foreign laser marking processing methods can be divided into three forms.

1. Mask mode marking. A single laser pulse in the form of a mark of a complete or several symbols.

2. Array marking. It is marked with a dot matrix of five horizontal columns and seven vertical columns.

3. Drawing marking. The marking path is controlled in advance by the computer to form the scanning motion to form the marking.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of computer technology, laser marking processing technology is more combined with computer technology in actual production. Now its application is being adopted by various domestic enterprises. Attention, it is replacing the traditional marking method with its powerful advantages.

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