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Disadvantages of handheld printers

The attention of handheld inkjet printers has been showing an upward trend since the beginning of 2019. Through big data analysis, it can be seen that it still has a steady growth trend. The increase in attention has made many customers inexplicably aware that the portable handheld cij printer is perfect, and it is a perfect substitute for the traditional inkjet small character inkjet printer. So what is the reality? What are the shortcomings of handhelds that we don't know or are stated within the industry? Today, inkjet printer manufacturers will analyze this problem with everyone. Disadvantage one, the printing distance is close. Many customers think that the new type of handheld device has advanced technology and wide application. This view is very one-sided. Hand-held inkjet printers have been in existence for many years, so why haven’t they been developed and promoted? The biggest reason is its very obvious limitation of use. The working principle is very similar to that of high-resolution inkjet printers, and both need to be very close to the product. Only the architecture is different. From the computer program connection control to the handheld touch screen control, the print heads are the same, usually HP ink cartridges (TIJ thermal foam inkjet technology) are used, and the print distance is required to be within 5mm. For flat products, the printing effect will be greatly reduced. The beauty and clarity cannot be guaranteed, and it cannot reach the level of short-range printing. This feature limits its scope of use to a certain extent, because the assembly line of many factories and workshops, the distance or requirements from the product to the nozzle, are not less than 5mm. Inside. Disadvantage two, the poor ink adhesion originates from the common problem of HP ink cartridges. The ink drying speed and the stability of use have always been a contradiction. It is also a problem that users who use handheld cij printers have to face. The main reason is that There are no basic hardware configuration restrictions such as pressure pumps for ink types and machines. The user must be cautious when choosing, it is best to have a real machine for on-site testing, not just to see the proofing effect and decide to buy a handheld inkjet printer. Drying too fast will affect the normal coding of the print head. If you pause for tens of seconds or several minutes without printing, it will be very unclear after printing. The 128 nozzle holes are very easy to be slightly or severely clogged, which directly affects the coding. Print quality. Drying too slowly will be helpful for stability, but on the surface of some product materials with poor permeability, it will not be able to dry for a long time, and it will migrate by hand or friction between the product and the product, polluting the product or the environment. In the article 'What functions can the handheld inkjet printer achieveThe distance needs to be very close, which makes many of our irregular products or products with uneven surfaces unable to form a clear coding effect, which will be greatly reduced compared with good-looking samples. Disadvantage three, the high cost of using the handheld device. Because it uses HP ink cartridges, the height of the information printed by a single nozzle can only reach 12.7mm, which will cause some large-size content to be uncoded. If you want to print large-format content , Can only choose multi-nozzle splicing, the purchase cost will be greatly increased, and the ink usage will be doubled. Low purchase cost and high use cost are a practical problem that handhelds cannot escape. On the surface, hand-held inkjet printers do not require solvents, which can save customers, users, and factory workshops. In fact, the ink capacity of hand-held printers is very small, often only tens of milliliters, and 500 or even small print printers. Compared with 1000ML ml, the difference is far, the later use and maintenance cost is high. Because of the structural settings of the handheld, such as HP HP brand ink cartridges, the nozzle and ink cartridge are integrated. The ink cartridge needs to be replaced when the ink is used up. The ink cartridge needs to be replaced if the nozzle is blocked. The price of a box of genuine HP original ink cartridges is more than 500 yuan. Replace The ink cartridge is equivalent to a new nozzle, and the special ink is more expensive, and the long-term cost is not low. Maintenance is more troublesome than traditional small-character inkjet printers. Hand-held cij printers are not that smart, and there is no automatic cleaning and other functional configurations when turning on and off. If they are not used for a period of time, the nozzles are easily blocked. Once the nozzles and nozzles are blocked, they need to be cleaned. Wiping can be alleviated, and even worse, it needs to be replaced with new ink cartridges. The above is the main points of the inkjet printer for everyone in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, you can go to the official website of the handheld inkjet printer http:/// leave a message and tell the editor.

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