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Discuss the difference between different types of machine have?

Discuss the difference between different types of machine have? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 8 - Browse 30 0

in the sign industry can be used to realize the printing effect to cij printer, there are relatively low penetration laser marking machine. In the share not to share about the specific function of the laser marking machine, and the scope of the, just simple around the spurt the cij printer series products to do a simple sharing, let you can see this article to spurt the code machine have a probably understanding! Let friends to be able to choose to suit his own spurt the code machine.

it is currently on the market sales of spurt the code machine mainly divides into: small character spurt the code machine, big characters spurt the code machine, high resolution spurt the code machine, hand-held spurt the code machine, outsourcing box printing machine, uv machine, laser machine, intelligent spurt the code machine, supervision code printing machine such as a variety of different types of laser marking machine. Between the spurt the code machine's main role is to help to spray print information commodity packaging, spurt the code machine is a kind of through the software control and adopt non-contact form a device in a product identified target, in the early 60 s has been proposed using the theory of spurt the code machine, and in the late seventy s the first commercial printing machine.

almost all cij printer can be used in all industries, only the individual industry or material is not suitable for its use, the following main around its specific features to share:

1, the small character spurt the code machine: spray is a kind of can satisfy the different industries high-definition printing effect is a kind of printing equipment, consumables need to cooperate with the corresponding ink used to achieve clear printing effect, can realize the production date, shelf-life, batch number, qr code, logo and other information, spray printing, the data showed that small characters jet. the possession to 80% of the market, but it wasn't on the silicone rubber, teflon.

2, high resolution spurt the code machine: it is a kind of can be able to edit and print a variety of languages, the printout from the font, font size, the size and the number of rows to limit a spurt the code machine, completely broke through the traditional spurt the code machine some of the problems. Although its in the application of plastic pipe material, cartons and industry is relatively small, but do not represent can not be used. It is mainly used in some bar code jet printing is more, to drive the contents of the database changes and barcode spurts India.

3, handheld spurt the code machine: oneself start work from literal meaning to understand is the need to employee operating a spurt the code machine, direct use. And the goods are in hand spray print, for certain goods is a kind of existence is relatively convenient, but because of its spray print position is not fixed and affected the beautiful effect. Is suitable for use on some of the big-ticket items or there is no fixed on the production line of products.

4, regulatory spurt the code machine, mainly for some electronic supervision code and other equipment is used, its purpose is to solve drug regulatory code again, mistakes in the process of printing, unable to identify a series of problems.

all in all of the characteristics of the spurt the code machine still has a lot of a lot, to tidy up the small make up later and then share the first share the above points, hope to help you, you can with other problems related to understand directly consulting clients.

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