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Distortion causes in the marking process of flying UV marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-29

The flying UV marking machine is widely used, and there are many products that can be marked. It is called a general-purpose laser marking machine. Some users encounter the distortion of the marking pattern when using the flying UV marking machine. After finishing the compilation, some main reasons for the marking distortion of the flying UV marking machine are summarized.

1. Laser energy and beam usage mode. In many laser processing, the factor that must be considered is that the selection of appropriate laser energy and laser beam mode is the premise of using laser marking.

2. The focusing performance of the beam. Because the focusing point of the flying UV marking machine beam is very small, the energy of the laser is very concentrated. If the focusing performance is not good, the ideal spot cannot be obtained, and the high energy density of the laser cannot be used to form a light knife, and the laser cannot be realized. marking.

3. The mechanical precision of the movement of the table. The worktable is the mechanical part that drives the movement of the workpiece, and its accuracy will directly affect the accuracy of the workpiece marking.

4. The light path part of the flying UV marking machine. The optical path is mainly used for the transmission of the laser beam, which is also one of the prerequisites for the laser marking machine to work.

5. The running speed of the laser beam. In the process of the laser acting on the workpiece, the moving speed of the laser beam becomes an important parameter, which directly affects the effect of the laser and the material.

6. The characteristics of the processed object itself. Different materials will produce different effects under the action of the laser, so when using the laser marking machine, select different lasers and set different parameters according to different materials.

7. Auxiliary equipment. Using good auxiliary equipment can prolong the service life of the hardware and improve the marking effect of the laser.

8. Characteristics of laser system software. Software is the control center of the entire system, so it is an important part of the laser marking machine. Good system software is easy to operate and can also make up for some hardware shortcomings, so as to improve the working efficiency of the laser marking machine.

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