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Do you know the factors that affect the printer

Any product has influencing factors, so the cij printer industry will also be affected by many uncertain factors. What are the specific influencing factors? The following is a specific introduction. The influence of ambient temperature on the power of inkjet printing equipment, the printing speed depends on the production line speed, cij printers, if you need to print halfway and other operations, you can improve the active pause function of the head, the operation ends, and then the inkjet printing is ended. Other content. The height of the printed font can be adjusted according to the change of the pipe diameter, and the nozzle can rotate an angle to reach the request of the height change of the printed character.  Use computer input device to print information, the operating system is simple and simple to understand, simple input method. To set the print content of the repair staff, the website operator only needs to adjust the length, quantity, quantity, batch number and production time of the schematic input tube with the height of the character screen display.   Check whether there are obstacles on the connecting surface of the photoelectric inspection tube, check and control. The connection and tightening connection of the nozzle and the electrical and pneumatic signal for bad inspection. The system is overloaded, the valve or valve drive error, the system shuts down and restarts. Delete the information and confess again. The system power is lost. Check the power supply, power transmission, poor printing quality, and the elements and treatment of the fault.  Each component in the printer is a modular plan, and it is easy to repair. The connection cable between the nozzle and the host adopts the aviation joint form and is connected with the agile joint ink pump. The system of all production lines has completely completed the automatic control, and the production process only needs to manually input the information that needs to be printed, and the production request can be ended. Assuming that the ambient temperature is low, a temperature control system can be added, and the equipment is not affected by the ambient temperature and humidity and operates reliably.

expiry date printing machine cij printer processes have been widely used to produce date coding machine such as date printing machine, expiry date printing machine, and date coding machine etc.

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