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Easy tear line engraving machine, laser drilling has become a new standard for PE film processing

PE, PET, PVC and other film processing can see in many industries, especially in some carbonated drinks, mineral water, food, mask, snacks and other industries to be able to meet its existence. Early commodity packaging is easy tear not easy tear line or mouth, when users want to use the goods need to use scissors or other props can easily open it, when the consumer side without any props, users want to open the goods is has the certain difficulty. This means that the consumer experience and experience influenced by direct, when your competitors changed that, then your client is automatic drain.

which is not only for merchants to retain existing customers, but also in order to meet the needs of modern packaging, and the user experience, easy tear line/easy tear application creates a mouth, and have been applied in many aspects. For example we can in some paper towels, masks, snacks, found easy tear line on the relish, cookies, and other products or is easy to tear. The existence of these can make consumers in any place, any environment to be able to easily open it, no longer needed a prop.

as the demand of the goods easy tear line and the development of laser marking technology, laser film packaging industry also had further ascension, and easy to tear the laser engraving machine is a PE, PET, PVC and other film industry processing of new standards. Why is that? Mainly because of the traditional pressure hole equipment already can't satisfy the needs of rapid production at present stage, at the same time, it can't meet the demand of any direction 'dotted line' cut any shape. Defect problems of traditional processing form, make a lot of businesses are headaches, in order to meet the requirement of times development, more and more businesses begin to introduce advanced technology of laser equipment to replace the traditional processing equipment.

easy tear line laser technology on the flexible packaging bags according to the requirements in terms of cutting line, its processing method is to use the laser beam, by focusing on design good easy tear line evenly cut out a deep only several microns thin line, the line damaged the outer layers of the composite film packaging, keep the inner packing, does not destroy the packaging function, and make the tear can regularly tearing along the easy tear line packaging mouth, and equipment with functions of automatic positioning! ! ! ! Can be used in all kinds of OPP, plastic, aluminum foil, anti-static/shielding bag, vacuum bag, aluminum foil mask, pet grains bag, 25 kg plastic grain of aluminum-plastic composite paper bag, slightly pitted vacuum bags, building materials, packaging bags, moisture-proof bag, sealing film, etc.

laser marking machine is the new process is called 'laser marking technology (' 激光的分数) On multilayer composite packaging materials, mainly for use of the characteristics of laser finished product 'is easy to tear the mouth', the purpose of 'easy tear line' and would use the 'easy tear line' 'easy tear' products on the market are not uncommon, such as milk and other dairy products packaging bags, plastic zipper bags, etc. , these commodities is the special test of user experience, a very easy, convenient and neat torn bags, will allow the user to have a kind of satisfy feeling. Easy tear mouth laser processing in a more advanced and flexible technology, will be the size of a micron grade laser energy is focused on the need to line up the surface processing, and laser energy will not cause the other film layer and the whole film layer a little bit of damage, this process can also be called no wear production and processing, and solid line and dotted line or different line shape, such as carton beverage circle is easy to tear the mouth, simple implementation can be a few buttons!

all in all, the film industry with easy tear line laser marking machine is able to meet the needs of businesses for commodity easy tear line, improve customer experience and improve the product quality problems. Laser equipment has stable performance, good marking effect, arbitrary shape, arbitrary, double easy tear line marking problems, let the goods is no longer difficult to tear. Widely used in plastic packaging plant, plastic printing, flexible packaging, printing and packaging, thin film processing, trademark and other industries.

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