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Edible egg inkjet printer ink

For the inkjet marking on eggs, the ink used must be safe and edible. Today, let’s talk about our edible egg cij printer ink. 'S egg inkjet printer ink (red) is a quick-drying special ink for eggs, which can print more neat and clear codes on the surface of various eggs. These codes can meet the requirements of the product traceability regulations. Enhance consumers' awareness of product quality and safety, and provide market opportunities for brand marketing. This quick-drying edible ink is also very suitable for non-permeable food packaging materials that may directly contact food, such as plastic bags, built-in instructions, coupons, etc. The main advantages of special ink for edible egg inkjet printer:   the best printing quality   can be printed on all kinds of egg surface (including permeable surface and oiled) clean, clear and high-quality code.  High-definition 'low diffusion' inkjet ink   The low diffusion of the new formula ink makes the ink dots smaller, and can print large characters on the limited space of the eggshell surface and maintain high color contrast.  Faster drying time, so that the ejected ink dots are very small, especially suitable for spraying large font characters in a limited space (such as 7X9 or higher fonts).  The best anti-condensation properties   When the egg product is transferred from a cold environment to a hot environment, it can maintain good coding quality when condensation occurs—especially when condensation occurs just after spraying.  Food safety is of urgency. Using our edible egg inkjet printer ink ensures safety while also ensuring the coding effect. It is the best choice for the food industry. For more information about inkjet printers, laser cij printers, and imported cij printers, please visit our official website:

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