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Elaborate on the solutions to the unclear coding of various inkjet printers

There are many customers who have unclear coding in the process of using the cij printer. In the process of multiple maintenance by the engineering staff, they have slowly accumulated experience and summarized several reasons that caused the unclear coding has been resolved. The method, let’s take a look at how to find the cause and solve the problem when the inkjet code is illegible. In the process of daily use, the inkjet printer sometimes encounters the unclear font of the inkjet code. Therefore, it is necessary to check the cij printer more, find out in time, and solve it in time, without affecting production and improving production efficiency. Below, briefly talk about possible reasons for the unclear typing of the printer, and some solutions. The first reason that may cause the inkjet printer to be unclear is that the inkjet printer is not enough ink. Running out of ink or insufficient ink may affect the unclear writing of the code using the inkjet printer. Therefore, check the ink of the printer. If there is no ink or the ink is too low, you need to replace the ink cartridge or add ink. The second point that may cause the unclear coding of the printer is due to the incorrect setting of the coding content. The height and width of the characters in the coded content are not suitable. Adjust the height and width of the characters to appropriate values. The third reason that may cause unclear printing is the nozzle failure of the laser marking machine. (1) Unclear or wired high-resolution inkjet printers are mostly caused by nozzle problems. If such a problem occurs, first spray the nozzle twice with the cleaning agent, and then squeeze the ink continuously (about two or three drops of ink), and then try to print. If the coding is still unclear or wired, repeat the above actions. If none of them can be solved, please consult the engineer of the printer manufacturer. (2) The nozzle failure of the small character inkjet printer often leads to unclear inkjet codes, or the inkjet codes are out of font. Observe whether the ink line is normal, use cleaning agent to clean the nozzle, deflection plate, clean the filter before the nozzle, whether the ink viscosity is appropriate, the measurement of the circuit charging calibration, and the ink pressure must be checked. The last point that causes the printer to print unclearly is whether the printer is connected to the ground wire is normal or qualified. Small character inkjet printers have higher requirements for grounding, and it is better to have anti-interference grounding. For more information about inkjet printers, laser cij printers, and small character cij printers, please visit our official website:.

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