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Equipment Sign | Nameplate Laser Marking Machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-03

Equipment metal sign | Nameplate is a common sign in our life, which contains a lot of knowledge information, mainly used to make LOGO and information parameters, or to make some private commemorative signs. Metal nameplates are simple to make, easy to store, and the finished products are very beautiful, so they are widely used. What are the materials of the metal nameplate? The common ones are: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, aluminum oxide, zinc alloy, zinc alloy, etc. The traditional methods of electro-corrosion, silk screen printing and pad printing can be preserved for a long time. By printing on the surface of the nameplate, and then using silicone transfer to print on the surface of the product, it is also being used by laser marking machines - equipment signs | nameplate laser marking Overtaken by the standard machine.

The advantages of laser marking machine: 1. Small and not occupying space, easy to understand; 2. Fast marking speed, can mark patterns, characters, two-dimensional codes, barcodes, etc. 3. No pollution, no noise, maintenance-free; 4. Wide range of applications, both metal and non-metal can be marked;

Disadvantages of traditional electro-corrosion, silk screen and pad printing methods: 1. Poor wear resistance: Those who have used it are deeply impressed. The ink on the metal surface of the wear resistance test paper mentioned here is usually used for a longer time. Short, there is a problem of fading. 2. Poor adaptability to harsh environments: Like the nameplates used for some equipment, the parameter information needs to be marked when they leave the factory. Some of these equipments need to be placed outdoors. The tolerance of the traditionally marked nameplates is relatively high. low, there is a high possibility of wear. 3. The aesthetic requirements are not high enough: as some metal surface marking work for private collection and customization, the traditional method is not satisfactory, such as medals, employee name tags, etc., which all require aesthetic requirements. At this time, lasers are used. The marking machine has more advantages and meets the requirements of both aesthetics and practicality. 4. Traditional printing is not environmentally friendly: laser marking is dust-free and smoke-free, which is a relatively environmentally friendly processing method. In the process of making nameplates by silk-screen printing, some organic solvents and heavy metal elements and other chemical raw materials are required, which may be harmful to the printing process. Processing personnel and waste disposal have a certain impact, and the ink also volatilizes, which may be a hidden danger to individuals and the environment.

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