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Explore the basic operation flow spurt the code machine have?

Explore the basic operation flow spurt the cij printer have? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - 13 browsing: 0

not all equipment can use immediately after buying back, now most of the products are all instructions, namely to equipment in use process does not appear any problems, according to the need to be familiar with the operation of the equipment basic processes between different devices may exist in different operation process, users can be directly consulting what you buy on this manufacturer or first close technical personnel. This article is just the basic operation flow to spurt the code machine simple sharing, is can ask baidu or other equipment manufacturers.

first of all, is a need to spurt the code machine ink, thinners, solvents and other relevant materials to the equipment used, therefore before use to cij printer work should be done first check whether these materials added, material is the basic elements of spurt the code machine work, if there is no back operations can be wasted. When add the consumables need to pay attention to the different material of the position, cannot speak it mixed up, after use need to twist the lid.

second, after checked consumables need to switch on the machine, and carry on preheat phase. So-called preheat phase, that is, when we open the computer, after a period of time is needed to use the same reason, when cij printer screen appears when the words 'welcome to use', suggests that equipment preheating completed and can take the next step of operation, in the process operator does not need to undertake any form of work.

the activation of the third part is the nozzle, the ink is made up of nozzle jet, so this part is also one of the important part of the relatively select nozzle through the options in the interface directly, this period may have to wait some time, and be able to hear the voice of the spurt the code machine start, when the nozzle through activation can enter the next step.

the third is to spurt the code information editing, according to the operation of the page tip will need to print information editing, including digital, text spray print information such as users want to achieve, in setting up information will save the information after, the same is true with subsequent changes.

the third is to produce the spray printing, in order to ensure the accuracy of sprayed printed information, spray on examination before printing can be another piece of paper to test whether the spray effect is you want the effect, if not it needs to adjust, otherwise can will need to purchase goods on the workbench or spraying of the conveyor belt.

the last is the daily clear and maintenance work, in a few different types of machine mentioned in the article the common failures and solutions, when encounter problems can refer to those methods. Is really need to spurt the cij printer at the end of the use of the nozzle, return pipe and nozzle parts timely cleaning, avoid ink solidification and affect the next use. And daily maintenance is check whether enough, consumable parts and keep the equipment clean sex of whole

all in all, spurt the cij printer equipment before use all need to understand the basic operation process, is not clear on consulting buy manufacturers, let the technical personnel to solve for you. For this kind of problem many suppliers will clear, of course the merchants for operators also need to be reminded, and let it do the skilled operation, to ensure service life of the equipment.

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