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Factors affecting the coding effect

As a kind of equipment often used in industrial production, cij printers are involved in various fields including electronics, food, chemicals, cables and so on. However, how to print the best results on so many different materials and production lines is often the most concerned issue. Today we will introduce the main factors that affect the coding effect. *What is the coding effect? Because the Leadtech cij printer is a continuous jet, the ink is continuously ejected from a single nozzle under pressure, and the crystal oscillates and breaks to form ink dots; the ink dots are charged and deflected by high pressure and scanned into characters on the surface of the moving object. The actual pattern is actually composed of ink dots, and these ink dots are arranged to form the final coding effect. A good inkjet printing effect should be: clear inkjet printing products with size and adhesion that can meet customer requirements. *What are the factors that affect the coding effect? 1. Choose the right ink. Because the range of cij printers is very wide, and they are used in most of the manufacturing industry, they often face different printing materials and meet the needs of special production processes. At this time, choose An ink suitable for printing materials is very important. Inappropriate ink will cause a series of problems such as diffusion, poor adhesion, discoloration, etc. Therefore, Leadtech also provides you with a lot of ink options to meet the actual coding requirements. need. note! Please use Leadtech original ink, so that the printer can play its best condition and avoid unnecessary failures. 2. Use the correct type of print head. Usually, you need to choose according to the selected ink model, print data, use model and production line speed. Inappropriate print heads may cause nozzle clogging and poor print quality. Wait for some questions, currently Leadtech provides you with 10 different nozzle combinations to choose from: Machine series nozzles choose Leadtech 5900/7900MK7 series (ULTIMA/ULTIMA+/MIDI/MIDI+/MINI/MICRO) Leadtech 8900 series MK11 series (MIDI/ MIDI+) Leadtech CJ400MK9 series (MIDI) Leadtech 10MK13 series (MIDI) 3. Correct settings In order to achieve the best coding effect, the printer needs to be set before printing, including the setting of the nozzle parameters Change (nozzle parameters need to be modified when using different inks), jet settings, jet printing settings and production line settings. 3.1) Nozzle code setting (Menu->Settings->Installation->Nozzle->Nozzle code) MK7 ULTIMA (Table Issue No:) Machine Ink Type31031010 Reference Pressure Offset(bits)-0Reference Modulation offset(VM + Offset)(V) -10Modulation Slope2.523.2) Printing, jetting, production line settings 4. Correct installation The last and most important point is correct installation. Choose a suitable installation method according to the actual situation. Incorrect installation will not only cause coding bias Problems, printing failures will also occur, and will also shorten the service life of the printer. (Above) The print head is installed deflection which causes the print font to deviate. (Above) The print head is installed too high and the font is elongated and deformed. For more information, please visit Leadtech official website: or call:

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