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Factors affecting the cost of marking in the cable industry

The demand for marking in the cable industry far exceeds that of most industries. The company logo, company name, product specifications, type, material, use, production time, batch number, etc. must appear on the surface of the cable in accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments. And some companies are paying more and more attention to the role of logos in marketing and after-sales. Beautiful, clean, and clear logos will become the first choice for the cable industry in the future. This also indicates that the application of inkjet printers in the general cable industry will There is a mushrooming development process.

The application of inkjet printers in the cable industry is mainly concentrated on ordinary cables. Some special cables cannot be used with convenient and labor-saving inkjet printers due to the characteristics of the products. Due to the limitations of traditional marking devices, production capacity is affected to a certain extent.

At present, inkjet printers in the cable industry are widely used. To a certain extent, the competition among major brands is becoming more and more fierce. In addition to a variety of brand choices, the cable industry will also consider many factors. One of the most important aspects is cost control.

In addition to the cost of the printer itself, consumables such as inks, solvents, and cleaning agents are also part of the expenditure. In addition, the service response level after the printer fails, The repair speed of the inkjet printer by professionals and professionals will also affect the progress of the production, because when the inkjet printer fails to work, the identification will not be able to mark normally, which is an important part of production. These are also one of the costs that printer customers need to bear. All of these require the suppliers of inkjet printers to have outstanding industry performance in machines and services.

When many manufacturers purchase cij printers, they are very sensitive to the initial investment, that is, the purchase price of cij printers, and most of them tend to cheaper inkjet printers. In fact, the input cost of the inkjet printer in the later period needs to be paid more attention to for the following reasons.

First of all, the service life of inkjet printers is different for each major brand. Good quality, 6-10 years of use, inkjet printers can be competent. The poor quality may cause various failures in 2 to 3 years and cannot be used. Some inkjet printers are just simple hardware stacking, and the malfunction cannot be eliminated technically, and the machine can only be replaced.

Secondly, the stability of the printer is very important. The coding time in the cable industry is long. Once the production line is shut down due to the unstable printer, the cost of lost work is also staggering. The instability of the inkjet printer can also easily cause the waste of ink and solvent.

The cost of the accessories and consumables of the cij printer are different. This is because the accessories and consumables are best provided by the manufacturer, and no substitutes are available. At the same time, this is also a coding Part of machine quality assurance. When the customer purchases the cij printer, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the use time limit and replacement cost of the key accessories. These are an important source of cost.

There is also the completeness of the meter counting function of the inkjet printer. Meter counting is an important feature of the cable industry. The meter counting function of the printer is very important for the cable industry. Meter counting, meter compensation and other functions will have a beneficial effect on the meter counting of the cij printer, preventing errors in meter counting, which requires rework and brings a series of losses.

Service is also an important aspect. The response speed and professionalism of service personnel must be investigated, especially in the later maintenance. The performance of these personnel from different companies will bring you different Economic benefits.

With years of experience in the cable industry, rottweil inkjet printers would like to remind you that when purchasing, pay attention to the overall performance of the inkjet printer and choose the most suitable inkjet printer brand for your own production. , What brings is a win-win situation for both parties.

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