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Factors of unstable current of carbon dioxide laser marking machine equipment

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-03

Factors of unstable current of carbon dioxide laser marking machine equipment

We are all very aware of the factors of unstable current of laser marking machine equipment. When we use mechanical equipment, there will inevitably be many factors There are simple problems and some more troublesome problems. If we do not deal with them correctly in time, they may bring us big problems. So when we encounter problems, we should solve them correctly and promptly. No troubleshooting method:

1. In the basic parameters, see whether the type of laser generator is reasonable or not, which is the key factor for the common failure of continuous flash.

2. Drive the nine-core control line to see if the control line is loose. The connection is not reliable.

3. Remove the control wire (nine copper core cable) on the switching power supply, and press the aiming button on the laser generator power supply to analyze whether it is the switching power supply or the common fault of the motherboard interface .

4. Under normal circumstances, it means that there is no problem with the switching power supply.

5. The burst also appears abnormal, indicating that the switching power supply is abnormal.

6. When the switching power supply is normal, connect the control line, and use a digital multimeter to accurately measure the power switch adjustment pin on the power strip. When it does not flash, under normal circumstances If the working voltage is above 4 volts and less than 3 volts, the mainboard interface will be abnormal; when flashing, the working voltage of this pin should be within 2 volts, and if it is higher than 2.5 volts, the output will be abnormal.

7. Check whether the water circulation system is under normal conditions, whether the flowing water is intermittent, and whether the water protection device is abnormal.

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