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Fiber laser marking machine for engraving on glass

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-02

UV laser marking machine engraves on glass. In fact, UV laser marking on flat glass is directly related to the peak power of the laser, the final focusing spot size, and the speed of the galvanometer.

We found that sometimes the light from the high-power laser does not etch the glass surface, but passes directly through. This is because the peak power of the laser is not enough, or the energy density is not concentrated enough. The peak power is affected by the laser crystal, pulse width and frequency. The narrower the pulse width and the lower the frequency, the higher the peak power of the laser. The energy density is affected by the spot size and the beam quality M2 of the laser beam (the standard for measuring the laser beam, refers to the value of the laser beam close to the Gaussian beam, Gaussian beam M2u003d1). The spot size can be changed by using a high magnification beam expander. M2 can only be determined by the beam quality of the laser itself. The smaller the M2, the greater the beam expander magnification, the more concentrated the energy density.

Although some can be etched on the surface of the glass, it still produces the phenomenon of leakage, and some points formed by the pulse will sink into the glass to form internal carving. In this case, the peak can be used. High power laser and high magnification beam expander to improve the processing effect.

In addition, the time that the laser beam contacts the glass surface also affects the etching effect of the glass surface. Too long contact time may cause the glass surface to be hit too deep, and too short may lead to leaks . We only need to change the scanning speed of the galvanometer to an appropriate value to get a better processing effect. However, it should be noted that the scanning speed is also affected by the frequency of the laser itself, and if the frequency is too low, it will also lead to leakage.

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