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Five ink to spurt the code machine which profile and characteristics

Applied to spurt the cij printer which five ink profile as well as the characteristics of source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 8 - 29 browsing: 0

spurt the code machine in the process of use without the existence of the ink, should know about this understanding of the industry. Understand the cij printer businesses are clear and not all ink for use in the same type of spurt the code machine, not all the spurt the code machine can use an ink, inevitably there are different for different spurt the code machine ink, the each other between the two, lack of one can complete marking effect. Laser marking machine, can be in the absence of consumables for marking, this is the difference between the two. Since need to spurt the cij printer consumables used ink and what are the typical features of model suited to spurt the code machine used? Here is a simple analysis of five different ink:

first, water-based ink. Water-based ink is mainly water-based resin mix, is a kind of soluble in water and can be diluted a ink, the ink stable and bright colors, printed on commodities have very good after the ability, it is easy to dry, and the water resistance of the late is relatively better. This kind of water-based ink can reduce the evaporation of the solvent, at the same time, also do not need to organic solvent, can reduce the pollution to the atmospheric environment problem, and not easy to burn cause potential safety hazard, are widely used in the printing industry goods.

second, oily ink. Oily ink is a kind of a solvent ink is not easy to dissolve in water, but it can be dissolved in organic solvents. The spray printing inks are equally quick drying, water resistance, soft, light fastness and other characteristics, is not easy to fade after the spray on the goods, usually used for metal, plastic, wood, carton, and build material industry, etc, the type of ink is environmental protection, do not need to increase the organic solvent can spray print memory, save the cost effectively. In some absorption surface with the absorption surface spray printing effect also is very good.

third, uv curing ink. Uv curing uv ink is a kind of under uv light, use different wavelengths and energy shaping the ink and drying a monomer polymer, this type of ink has excellent chemical properties, not only dry faster, but less energy, don't need the function of statistics can guarantee the spraying effect with bright colors, water resistant, luster, anti-wear, high resolution, etc.

4, water-borne uv ink. Water-borne uv ink is a new product of uv ink, main part is combined water and ethanol as diluent, although said that the current use of uv ink on the market there are certain to environment and human health hazard, but it is still one of the inevitable choice for the development of some industries.

five, high temperature ink. So-called high temperature ink that is used in the special environment of a kind of ink, especially some glass, welding and other need after high temperature processing products are formed, ordinary ink is not enough in the high temperature on product use, because they next physical changes in the environment of high temperature, or is a chemical change, by using the effect is not ideal, and therefore need to use high temperature ink. It has high temperature resistant, do not fade, not influenced by external factors, won't produce chemical and physical change, at the same time, acid and alkali resistant, spray print gloss effect is just right, has a certain environmental protection certification.

appeals puts it is about the difference between five different types of ink and its characteristics, and follow-up on other types of ink will need to be added. In short, the businessman when choose for their own spurt the code machine ink must choose according to actual demand, the second about the color of the ink is particularly important, if two use ink color is not consistent will directly influence the effect of the spray printing, merchants or need to rethink the machine cleaning, will bring some unnecessary trouble.

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