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For tobacco products should choose what kind of laser marking opportunity more appropriate?

although often say that 'smoking is harmful to health', but the development history of tobacco products is long than we imagined, and tobacco products in any country exists, and the first close department also does not have to ban the sale of tobacco, in a sense is the existence of tobacco products to also plays a certain role in the development of national economy, to promote the development of economy, which is why even though we all say 'smoking is harmful to health', and advocating the consumers as possible to give up smoking, but we did not say to want to put an end to the existence of this commodity. This is why tobacco products is able to see one of the reasons in many retail Spaces.

actually speak of tobacco, tobacco products, in kind or brand is rich and colorful, can literally even in the same country there are many different brands, types of tobacco products, let alone the world. Imagine in the face of so many kinds to let consumers remember your brand and achieve propaganda effect, requires in commodity packaging or print out the whole package information related to its own brand, and this information is clearly has a permanent. We need to choose a suitable to the use of marking machine, marking effect can have wanted.

for now, a lot of sign industry, industry and other industries for commodity packaging logo marking can choose laser marking machine to do this, of course the other style code laser laser marking machine is some, this is not absolute. In this is only for laser technology in terms of marking way to share. Anyway for tobacco products which type of laser marking machine products are suitable for its to use? From tobacco products commonly used materials and packaging materials to basic is paper, we can find in a thin layer of the outer plastic ( Negligible) , questions about the material of tobacco products we can be in any of the stores can be found in its characteristics.

which is not hard to find for the packaging of tobacco products the main material is paper, and relevant commodity information is also to register the carved on the paper. Happened to co2 laser marking machine is used for some non-metallic materials used, especially in some of the material such as paper, plastic, wooden products, it is meeting the needs of tobacco product packaging material. Although countries don't object to smoke products sales and manufacturing, but for tobacco product packaging should have identity or have specific provision, whether a single product or as a whole, does not conform to the requirements of the product still can't be sold for smokers, it gave the co2 laser marking machine manufacturing opportunity.

Co2 laser marking by the beam quality of high quality rapidly carved in the surface of the cigarette case, do the certificate of approval, code, production date, expiration date, fast printing, such as main information about corporate brand logo of the same is true with code. Actually for smokers rarely pay attention to what are the composition of the products, but with the emergence of more and more security problems, for the goods from the customers certificate as well as the date of interest in continue to rise, the enterprise will be printed with permanent products for the consumer also can make consumers reduce heart concerns.

in v. , relatively suitable for tobacco products laser marking machine is the co2 laser marking, main is summarized from the characteristics of each other, of course, if the enterprise production of the other material types of smoke products we can also according to its characteristics to help you to choose suitable laser.

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