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Fully automatic capsule laser printer creates a new era of pharmaceutical professional identification

technology is widely used in the medical profession, during which we often see inkjet logos on the appearance of capsule medicines. It is understood that capsules are commonly used in pharmaceutical and health care product manufacturers. In order to facilitate product identification, maintain independent brands, and avoid counterfeiting, many domestic companies have to mark the appearance of capsules with coding marks. In the meantime, traditional ink marking is a method chosen by many companies. Capsules (pictures come from Baidu pictures, the pictures and texts are irrelevant to mark the ink for the capsules. The common equipment used in the process is the cij printer. It is understood that the equipment is a non-touch inkjet technology, whether it is on the tiny tablets. Or the capsules are still on aluminum tin plate or stainless steel surgical instruments, whether it is soft plastic film packaging or carton packaging, whether it is a single product or a whole box of medicine packaging, the coding processing scheme can satisfy the pharmaceutical industry. Variety of product labeling requirements for different raw materials. The use of cij printers has made the use of capsule ink labels widely used, but this problem has also arisen. It is understood that the country is required to use ink for capsule printing despite strict regulations In the actual production process, some manufacturers often choose some low-grade edible inks or even non-edible inks for printing in order to pursue profitability. 'Although it is only a small piece of land, the ink remaining on the capsule or More or less will have an impact on the human body.' Some experts said.    With the full implementation of the new version of GMP certification, the country has put forward strict requirements on the quality of pharmaceuticals. In recent years, the safety and harmfulness of ink-printed capsules has caused production. Companies and consumers have paid much attention to it. Some pharmaceutical manufacturers would rather abandon brand logos than use ink jet printers. The author has learned that in order to ensure the quality of capsule inkjet coding, many manufacturers have set their sights on laser cij printers. The development and application of the automatic capsule laser printer has dealt with a major problem for pharmaceutical factories and opened up a new era of pharmaceutical career signs.    (picture from Baidu image, unrelated graphics and text laser printer can mark tens of thousands per hour Compared with traditional ink printers, multi-capsules do not require any consumables when printing. The printed products are non-toxic and side effects, which saves the cost of ink and other consumables for capsule and drug manufacturers, and also improves food safety.   Laser coding The machine uses a laser to perform coding processing on the product. The laser coding machine is generally completed by removing the external data or coating for coding and marking, and color-changing coding. The number of markings per hour of the laser coding machine Compared with traditional ink printers, Wanduo capsules do not require any consumables when printing. The printed products are non-toxic and side effects, which saves the cost of ink and other consumables for capsule and drug manufacturers, and also improves food safety. And laser Coding has a permanent and strong anti-counterfeiting effect.    According to relevant professionals, the laser printing machine can print statically, and can also be combined with a variety of product packaging production lines to complete high-speed dynamic coding. There is no need to stop the production line. Compared with other coding and self-adhesive label identification skills, it is expected to become a skill that is widely used in packaging professions.    It is understood that the laser printer is interconnected with the assembly line equipment PLC on the industrial site, and then completes the automatic A method of control. This method makes full use of the support function of the inkjet software for external dynamic library plug-ins. After the dynamic library completes the reading of the Excel file by the inkjet software and the completion of the RS232 serial communication function, the PLC uses the serial communication function. ,Completed the PC data Real-time reading completes the real-time control of the movement interval of the assembly line, which satisfies the automated control requirements of the industrial production site, and achieves the intention of increasing production and efficiency and reducing costs. Capsules are a common medical shape. The quality of capsule products directly affects people's physical and mental health. Therefore, during the production process, companies should strictly control the quality of capsules. In the meantime, the capsule coding mark is only a small part, but the coding is sprayed. The same quality also affects the quality of capsules and affects people's health. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the capsule coding mark, the fully automatic capsule laser printing machine will play an important role, and with the continuous improvement of skills, the fully automatic capsule laser printer will be widely used in the capsule coding profession. The favorite of production companies.

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