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Graduation season's surprise, version girl open custom cake shop, earning realize their dreams - sixty thousand

She is a college student, from guangdong, this year 23 years old, is an economics undergraduate college guangdong last year's graduating seniors. Last September, in the snack street near the university opened a unique custom cake shop, private business was very hot. All these things are ai from June thank teacher feast. June has always been a graduation season, is also a season, respectively. Respectively, with schoolmates, four years of classmates and concomitant teacher four years of separation, and thus as a life member of the class of small ai planning the university during the last event & ndash; — Thank teacher feast. Thank teacher feast, the form of buffet wine with food, everybody is very happy. Party in the middle, small screen in hotel careful editing of course everyone in four years, moved all the people. Play the video, monitor ouyang put ahead of good printing graduation a cake sent up from the background, and shocked the whole! Can also custom design on the cake. ! With the effect of printing on photo paper exactly the same! Little moxa although have heard of group activities, but also is the first time I saw the finished product, like all the students. At the same time in the in the mind have a startup yaren in bud and grow quietly. Is better, after the meeting, she and a few friends to chat, want to quit now base salary of 3 k electricity work, own business making a cake. Everyone don't understand, read a book for so many years, now is a stable job, development prospects are also not bad, little moxa how want to quit? And the little moxa, after all, was never a pastry also does not have experience, can be said to be a complete & other; Layman & throughout; 。 Even if a lot of people don't understand, little moxa or quit the existing work, found on the Internet, a since 2003 in research and development machine print pattern on the object. After detailed understanding, to persuade parents bought a cake investment laser printing machine. In the summer vacation for two months, from the early market research, word, Logo design to raw material choose and buy, store looking for decoration, etc. , in the late and several aspiring friend partnership run up their own small cake shop. The little moxa cake shop can provide photos to customize according to customer's exclusive cake, and to provide the city within the scope of door-to-door delivery services. At present, including her own team a total of five members, as five or six operating income in ten thousand yuan per month. Iverson said that although the practice of cake is not easy, but doing it more principle is the same. Business is so good, and thanks to the brainwave at a banquet given on xie division. When purchasing the cake is very ordinary, if there is no print design, the best price is a few yuan, but the laser printing machine after custom cake, meaning is different. Not only look better, more and more refined as posted pictures of you can eat, but also can give you more surprise and joy, is the significance of carrying deeper feelings. 18 years of good quality, worth it!

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