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Guangzhou novice stenciling unit price must see what are the factors affect the price of printing machine?

Guangzhou novice stenciling unit price must see what are the factors affect the price of printing machine? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2019 - 2 - Browse: 0

when buying spurt the code machine for most clients will be consulting the price, and then according to your budget to decide whether to buy. Different customers to spurt the code machine in guangzhou have different requirements, the price and spurt the code machine price will produce difference, with areas of different between different types of printing machine and also there will be a price difference. For a beginner, should first understand what factors lead to spurt the code machine is under the reason of price differentiation:

one, technically there is main three types of spurt the code machine

1, all imported spurt the code machine, the type of spurt the code machine mainly imported from abroad to domestic, need high brand fee, tariff, transportation, and the high cost of foreign labor. These expenses agents or merchants won't pay for it, so what does this part of the cost! Naturally all for consumers to bear. And spurt the code machine imports on the price to more expensive than domestic printing machine

2 spurt the code machine, domestic independent research and development technology, manufacturing materials and artificial cost is low, and don't need to pay the duties, such as their assembly production completely. So the price is cheap, but quality and stability of this kind of new model needs to be improved.

3 standard spurt the code machine, and introducing the technology of developed countries, similar to the ForU brand spurt the cij printer. With China's accession to the wto, with China's talent intelligence, constantly introducing advanced foreign technology. To spurt the code machine technical level and the quality of imported laser marking machine, mainly according to international standards, the relevant design to the machine quality, service life and stability of the core parts adopt imported printing machine technical standards, relevant hardware adopts imported, so we can guarantee the stability of the spurt the code machine and service life, this type of machine is relatively reasonable in price some

2, from the stand or fall of jet printing effect decided to spurt the code machine price of

1, jet printing effect is clear and beautiful. is the first priority is to spurt the code type, the logo is clear and beautiful will directly affect the user purchase experience, a clear and beautiful logo, not only can bring the product packing grade, at the same time can let the seller when buying more at ease, think of buy products more formal, more reliable. Spray printing effect is clear, is generally through the font, lattice resolution, lattice and tidy, uniform spacing, horizontal even vertical, is an important standard in printing effect is good or bad. Some stenciling unit price is more expensive, often is to meet customer demand is high, and low-cost machine can't meet again, didn't have to buy some imported models, so as to achieve high standard code.

2, printing effect is strong and durable. As product line rich, spurt the code machine ink adhesion gradually became the customers concerned about a problem, often have different characteristics in different ink on price differentiation also directly affect the price of printing machine, mainly have high adhesion, alcohol resistant ink, ink wash, penetrates the oily ink, UV ink UV ink, etc.

3, considering from spurt the code machine on the machine performance and use

1, cij printer spray printing speed, especially some cable factory, especially, high-speed wire and cable, if ancillary equipment printing speed is not enough or can't keep up with, will hit beyond the scope of requirement of content, the meter will be inaccurate, will directly affect the whole product line.

2, the stability of the spurt the cij printer, you can also use wire production line as an example, the general white ink machine, machine stability will be worse than the black ink, if still use domestic models, the stability will be worse, as a result, three days two head nozzle clogging, print effect is bad, often let a person a headache. So, choose the right model, choose the right brand, for stable production factory, is essential.

4, spurt the code machine operation convenient degree to determine whether the user experience good

operation is simple, the software system framework is clear and easy to understand, for some users, without the basis of experience and operation practice ability in a short period of time to quickly learn daily operation breakdown maintenance methods and common problems, is for later use can affect a key factor. Import brand to cij printer, such as wei di jie, domino model, because in China for a long time, from the word stock, to the interface UI layout, are already very mature, operation is also very convenient, from a key switch machine to automatic cleaning function, is very perfect, greatly reduces the user's operation difficulty and personnel for technical requirements.

in addition to the appeal of the big four points, the factors influencing stenciling unit price includes general integration on the performance, the diversification of jet printing effect, material in many aspects, such as the use of both new users and users can decide whether its quality from the price, from its use, application, function, characteristics, such as to the value of a comprehensive view of a spurt the code machine, so as to determine whether the price is reasonable, whether the factory for you, will eventually buy rest assured of a new generation of right spurt the code machine identification equipment.

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